Effortless interaction with your government

What if your government would be accessible from anywhere, at anytime, with any device and in a uniform way? At Hike One we fantasize about a future in which citizens interact effortlessly with their government. We used a Design Sprint to quickly prototype a solution and tested the result ‘The Government Assistant’ with the Dutch citizen as a target audience.

Just ask your personal government assistant

No more separate platforms or portals for surcharges, study loans, municipalities, etc. As a civilian you no longer have to figure out which government authority you need. Because now you have one place for all your questions and requests: the Government Assistant.

Design sprints are a great way of quickly testing your ideas. Especially for changing daily struggles in life.

Katrien Meijdam


As easy as casual chat

At Hike One we believe voice interfaces will become more important, and smart speakers will be present in more and more houses. “Hey Google, I’d like to talk to the government”. Simple questions, such as when waste will be collected, can be easily answered by the speaker. When things get more complex, the assistant will send a link to your phone, tablet, or computer, where the interaction will be continued via chat interface.

Take away all the distraction

No more pages with tens of top tasks, but only a few relevant ones, based on your profile and behaviour. Can’t find what you are looking for? Ask the Government Assistant!

Just 4 days to know if it works

We love testing our ideas as fast as possible and thus, we talked to users on day 4. We used the Design Sprint 2.0 method to reach insights fast. One might even say fun.

Those who tried our prototype were most enthusiastic about having a single point of contact for all government-related questions. Using a voice interface is fun for benign questions, like when trash is collected. More complex questions and requests however might require more than a chat interface and raises questions regarding privacy and authentication.

We learned a lot during this Design Sprint and will continue exploring new ways of interacting with the government.

Tell us how you see the future of government interaction!

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