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We believe that the world needs great designers who make technology work for everyone. To improve our own skills and knowledge and help others improve theirs, we share as much as we can. Through articles, meetups and masterclasses. We call it the Hike One Academy.


TU Delft

Hogeschool Utrecht

Masterclasses by designers

We organise in-house masterclasses for our clients as well as classes that are open to everyone. Masterclasses are given by our experienced designers, who know what works and what doesn't in the real world. Typical topics are 'Running Design Sprints', 'Scrum for Designers' and 'In-house usability testing'. 

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Build your design department

When we started in 2008, our corporate clients outsourced all of their design work. Those days are over. Many of our clients run their own design departments. Having built a significant design department ourselves we know a thing or two about design management. We help our clients with establishing design culture, resource planning, tooling and internal design processes. 

Bring hands-on experience to schools

You can find us giving guest lectures in many design colleges across the country. We provide digital prototyping courses at universities. We mentor student groups for design projects. Let us know what your students need.

Sharing knowledge and experience

In addition to all of the above, we gladly say 'Yes!' to many requests we receive about sharing our digital design expertise. We speak at events, host meetups, facilitate creative workshops, we join round-table discussions and give interviews. Check this overview of our speakers and topics.

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