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We call ourselves designers. Yet we’re also engineers, explorers, entrepreneurs, teachers, researchers and friends. We laugh, learn, experiment and design awesome digital products. This combination of a unique company culture and doing great work for clients is what brings out the best in us.

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This is us

The team at Hike One stands for creativity and a drive for change. We believe that a structured approach gets results faster. We use proven design methods. Through experiments we continuously improve the way we work, and ourselves as designers. We love our job because it makes everything better. 

Do what you love

Pride and fun in our work always come first. We work on projects that spark our imagination, that bring out the best in us and change to the world. We are positive, self-motivated designers that get the job done.

Find a way

In our world, nothing is predetermined because we work on things that do not exist yet. That means we can only realise creative results if we have a seriously positive problem-solving attitude. We don’t give up and step out of our comfort zone whenever needed.

Get things done

Stop talking, start doing. Our teams make ideas tangible in no-time and work in iterative steps to experiment and learn. We always strive to improve our workflow to be more effective. All because we want to get more things done.

Be open and honest

Both our clients and we ourselves set ambitious goals. Goals that can only be achieved through close collaboration. Which means you need to trust each other. Being open and honest helps us get there. We speak up, share our ideas and help each other out.

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