Running Design Sprints. A one-day masterclass by Hike One.

Get hands-on running design sprints!

Do you want to develop a new product or service? Or are you looking to improve an existing product? A design sprint might just be what you need. This method allows you to look into the future and learn how your customers respond to new ideas before spending large amounts of time and money.

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After this masterclass you will

  • Understand the theory
  • Know when to use a design sprint (and when not)
  • Be able to convince stakeholders to run a design sprint
  • Learn how to host a design sprint yourself
  • Know how to fit a design sprint into a larger project


  • Hands-on experience with hosting creative workshops
  • Hands-on experience with digital design
  • Some knowledge about sprints

About the instructors

Between them designer Caya Kempe and team lead Roderick Trompert have been in more than fifteen design sprints with high-profile clients such as Philips, ANWB and Talpa Radio. In this masterclass they will show you how design sprints work in real life.


Good to know:

  • a light breakfast (a crispy croissant and coffee), lunch (Buurtboer!) and soda's are included.
  • Bring a notebook (or tablet).

About our masterclasses

Since 2017 we’ve opened up our internal training facility to outsiders under the name Hike One Academy. We’ve developed one- and two-day courses, especially for in-house designers based on our own educational materials. Since we want to offer a healthy mix of theory and practice, all courses are taught by a professional instructor and an experienced designer. By default, courses are taught in English and hosted in our offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Eindhoven. We’ll provide drinks, snacks, and lunch.

Custom in-house masterclasses

Don’t worry if you cannot join one of our open courses; we’re happy to come to you. We can set up a training program tailored to the needs of your designers. Just send an email to or give us a call to discuss the possibilities at +31 20 204 45 77.

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