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Let's talk about Digital Product Design! We do practical talks with lots of take-aways and plenty of inspiration.

We often say "Yes" to speaking opportunities. We love to share our experience and talk about the work we do day in, day out. We speak at events, host meetups, facilitate creative workshops, we organise roundtable discussions and give interviews. To get an idea of what topics we are excited about, we created a little overview below ⬇ Already know what kind of speaker or topic you're interested in? Get in touch now!

Latest methods and tools in UX

Running Design Sprints
Where do you start if you want to develop a new product or service? What will it look like? Which features do your customers value the most? The Design Sprint is a process that helps you in answering these and other key questions in just 4 days. We love Design Sprints and we have been talking about it a lot at meetups, clients, schools and incubators. Apart from speaking, we also organize a full-day masterclass on Design Sprints.

Furthermore, you can find speakers on UX topics such as:

  • Digital transformation in action: The Art of Prototyping
    This talk is all about how to use prototyping techniques to envision the future. What is prototyping,  what different flavors exist currently out there. And how do they fit within your process?
  • UX Design. What, who and how.
    UX Design is a pretty new word with a lot of interpretations and also; misunderstandings. This talk explains what UX actually is, who is involved in creating user experiences and how to design them. You can watch the talk here (in Dutch).
  • UI Animations
    Animation is becoming increasingly more important in digital product design and has proven to be of great value to the overall user experience. The use of good well thought out animation can engage, guide, trigger and delight users. We also host the UI Animation meetup.
  • Car UI: Putting digital car interfaces to the test
    Hike One started a platform to put car interfaces to the test from a user perspective. We collaborate with Autoweek to test the Human Machine Interface (HMI) of new cars on the market. This talk is all about our research and findings on car UI.
  • The business of design
    What you need besides talent to succeed as a designer. How long does it take to design an app? What kind of user research do you need? And what’s the going rate for a digital designer? In this workshop experts from digital product design agency Hike One answer these and many more questions about selling, planning and running digital design projects. An insider’s view on the business of digital design.
  • Introduction to Behavioural Design
    Our behavioural design Guild is on a mission to use design to change people's behaviour for the good. Want to learn more about behavioural design? This talk is for you!
  • Talks about our projects
    We have quite a few talks on cases and how we take on to solve the specific challenges of clients. For example about the design of the Philips TV Remote, Signify's Philips Hue app, the ANWB Wegenwacht app or the design of the RMC travel information service.

Bring hands-on experience to schools

You can also find us giving guest lectures in many design colleges across the country. We provide practical digital courses at universities (e.g. prototyping). We mentor student groups for design projects. Let us know what your students need. We've visited schools such as Hogeschool Utrecht, CMD Rotterdam, Sint Lucas Eindhoven, TUDelft and Yes!Delft, amongst others.

On modern work culture

We also like to look towards the future and explore trends in new ways of educating, organising work, and attracting talent through building attractive culture.

  • Your work as your new school
    We gave this lunch lecture at TU Eindhoven in collaboration with Intermate study association. We talk about how we create a learning environment within Hike One. We have years of experience in keeping designers sharp and up to date with new topics, methods, and ways of working through our own Academy. 
  • Our Holacracy Journey
    We love to talk about our wins and loses while implementing Holacracy. Lots like it, others find it hard. Definitely not an easy ride. Matthijs Collard, Hike One founder, explains why we choose Holacracy, what we learned from it, and what we would do differently. We can also organise a taster during a lunch break!
  • How to onboard and keep Generation Y?
    What has this to do with Digital Product Design you might ask? Not so much. It has something to do with company culture. How to get the right people and keep them. We learned that we do things a bit different than in other companies. And other companies can learn from this. This talk is given by Hike One's co-founder Matthijs Collard. He has given the talk at several business events with entrepreneurs and business owners in the audience.

Are you looking for a private training or talk on any of these topics for yourself or your team? We can organise custom trainings for you and your team. Perhaps our masterclasses are what you are looking for, have a look there!

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