User journey mapping

First, what is user journey mapping?

The customer is always right. And the user of our digital products is our real customer. To serve her in the best possible way, it’s important to get to know her first. How does she act in the process of purchasing a new car? Her path is unique from other car buyers, with different considerations and bottlenecks. Same goes for the user that downloads a weather app or visits a real estate website several times a week, to see which houses have been put up for sale.
All of our projects start with user journey mapping before any design is made. This method helps to tell the story of the user’s experience and understand the context in the phases of orientation, purchase, and usage of a product or service. You will learn the advantages and obstacles your user faces along the proverbial journey to your product or service.

When should you consider mapping a user journey?

In the core, user journey mapping is a method to visualise the way people use a product or service. It describes all experiences a user encounters, both positive and negative, along his proverbial trip during the process of orientating on a purchase and actually using the product or service. This can be done for both existing and future customers. For the latter, you compose the ideal path.

Current user journey

A current user journey shows all interactions the user has with the product, the provider, and any other parties involved. It makes bottlenecks visible and reveals points in the process that have room for improvement. We unravel these issues by carrying out research through an expert reviews, a user safari, or interviews.

Ideal user journey

Do you want to compose an ideal user journey for your user? By analysing the stumbling-blocks from the current user journey, solutions and new ideas are discovered that lead to the best possible journey. To achieve this, we set up a number of personas first, because knowledge of the user is essential when working on a user journey. With these personas, you can run through the journey from the user’s perspective. 

The setup for a user journey is done by an interaction designer, in close cooperation with a visual designer

Who’s involved?

The results from the expert review, user safari, or interviews are used as input to map the user journey. After setting up the current user journey, we organise a workshop in which we check if all relevant paths have been ran through. We do this together with you. In a second workshop, we set up the ideal user journey based on ideas we have written down together. This concept is iterated on, after which the ideal user journey is evaluated. 

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