Hurray! We Won a Lovie Award!

Kalina Simeonova - 10 October 2018

Hike One offices are definitely celebrating today. That’s right. We won a Lovie Award for the Radio 538 app we co-created with Q42 for Talpa. The Lovie Awards, imagine a sort of web Oscars, are awarded each year to the best European digital projects. Our app won in the Apps, Mobile Sites & Podcasts category, a subcategory of News & Entertainment.


Hike One project manager David van Duinen says he played the 538 party playlist on full blast after receiving the news. “The Lovie Award is a special prize to win. On top of that, we won it as a Dutch-language app in the European category News & Entertainment. This means that it wasn’t so much about the content of the product, but rather more about the technology and special features the product offered consumers. It’s great to receive that kind of recognition.”

The future of radio

The new Radio 538 app sets the tone for the future of radio. Users can listen to live music as well as stream their favorite show the moment it’s released. Furthermore listeners can scroll back for previously played music or save music they want to listen later. Through the app listeners are even able to get into contact with DJs by simply pressing just one button. What’s extra nice about the Radio 538 app is that listeners can add tracks to a playlist, the playlist then gets coupled to the listener’s Spotify account directly, enabling listeners to play their favorite music whenever they want. Van Duinen says: “We go with the listeners’ flow, so radio listening gets even more personalized.”


The Radio 538 project is ground breaking, says Martin Kool, partner at technology agency Q42. “Talpa and Radio 538 have the guts to dive into what interactive radio really means.” According to Kool, there’s no other radio station providing the same value to its listeners. “ Listeners being able to play back shows, make playlists when and wherever they want, that’s something unique. At Q42, we love adventurous projects, so I’m glad we took this on and that our collaboration was rewarded in this way.” Patrick Goldsteen, Innovation Director at Talpa, notes that the app receives its recognition through it’s listeners . “Our app is the richest manifestation of what the 538 brand stands for, it’s a extreme delight that we get noticed by the European Lovie Awards!”

Kalina Simeonova


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