Meet the Hiker: Arjen Wiersma

Arjen Wiersma - 15 March 2022

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Meet Arjen: UX Researcher and Interaction Designer

Arjen Wiersma joined Hike One 5 years ago as an Interaction Designer. Since then he has deep dived into his role, being a specialist in Design Systems and growing into the UX Researcher role. Arjen gives masterclasses in UX Research as part of the Hike One Academy. He also attends university fairs, such as in TU Delft, where he gives lectures about the practical sides of digital design. Next to that he loves photography and videography, and is often behind the camera during Hike One events, capturing the best moments.

"You can just be yourself. It’s not about who you are at all, it’s really about what you do."Arjen Wiersma, UX Researcher & Interaction Designer

What makes Hike One so special in your eyes?

One of the first things that comes to mind is Holacracy because at Hike One you are given room to grow, responsibility and trust. I find that unique to Holacracy. At Hike One it works like this: we‘ll tell you what we want to achieve but at the same time we trust that you have your own understanding and that you’ll take responsibility. I just love that. We are also very young in spirit. So, if you want to try something new or do something different then you won’t be shot down or told no. Instead, you will get suggestions and ideas on the best ways to tackle it.

How do you find the atmosphere at work?

Positive, innovative, fun, enthusiastic. Young at heart. We have weekends away, for instance. Fun, crazy stuff. You can just be yourself. It’s not about who you are at all, it’s really about what you do. I also think it’s playful, and then I don’t mean childish. Just a relaxed atmosphere. Playfulness is beneficial in many ways, I think. By playing, children discover many things, just like we do at Hike One. Much like the saying: work hard, play hard.

What do you think Hike has added to your career at the moment?

Work experience and internal training opportunities, expertise in other words. We have master classes and guidance at Hike One, with a personal development budget. I think that is awesome. People with more experience can help less experienced colleagues, whether by master classes or mentoring sessions. I find my colleagues inspiring and can really identify with and learn from them.

Do you have any tips for future colleagues?

A tip I was given was to ask all the questions you can think of. Ask your colleagues for help when you need it. There are many colleagues that would already have done what you are doing now or they can simply think along with you. That can be very helpful to make progress and then you will become skilled in no-time. That is one of the best things about having great colleagues, you truly get something out of it.

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Arjen Wiersma

Interaction Designer, UX Researcher

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