NRC Live Moonshot: a first impression of the VR experience for Delft Hyperloop

Hylke van Maaren - 15 April 2016

We’re all familiar with the Tesla car brand. Founder Elon Musk is known for having a visionary mind and pursuing his ideas. His companies stand for innovation and cutting edge technology that really make a difference in the world. Tesla wants to make the consumer automotive market clean and save. With his other company SpaceX, he wants to make space travel possible and affordable.

Public transportation at rocket speed

Musk also has revolutionary ideas about public transport. He wants to make it more cost efficient, a lot faster, reliable and environmentally friendly. That’s why he came up with the Hyperloop Transportation technology: travelling at rocket speed with the energy consumption of a light bulb. SpaceX developed the concept of the tubes. They left the concept for the pods and its propulsion technology up to the community.

Initial concept sketches of Elon Musk regarding the pod. Still based on air levitation by compressors

Hundreds of universities from all over the world participated in the contest to create the best Hyperloop technology. One of these Universities is TU Delft with its Delft Hyperloop team. We are very proud that they placed second after the MIT team (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). And between you and us, the concept of the Delft Hyperloop team was actually better than MIT’s.

Shaping the future of transportation

At UNITiD we love to work with the latest technology to make the world a better place. We get very enthusiastic when we are pushed out of our comfort zone and discover new technological possibilities. This is why we’re excited to help the Delft Hyperloop team achieve their goals and win the contest.

We don’t engineer or build trains, but we can create seamless and intuitive user experiences. We helped the Delft Hyperloop team to shape the user experience for the passengers. How can they feel comfortable and be entertained and informed while they’re traveling?

Our designers help the Hyperloop team to communicate their mission to the world. To give the public a glimpse of what Hyperloop is and how it might feel travelling with it, we created a VR experience teaser (see below). We did this together with the help of the talented people at INDG. More info and updates about our collaboration will follow later this year.

Hyperloop 360 VR experience teaser

NRC Live Moonshot

The first event to experience the VR Hyperloop pod was during the NRC Live Moonshot event at Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam: an inpiring event about innovation in technology and business. With talks about ‘artificial intelligence’ by Scott Smit from Changeist, ‘How to grow your business by doing what you love’ by Steven Schuurman from Elastic and a talk about ‘Realtime 3D scanning ‘by Theo Gevers from University of Amsterdam.

Just as interesting were the talks about ‘3D printing a bridge’ by Joris Laarman from MX3D Bridge and of course the inspiring ‘Hyperloop story’ by Tim Houter from the TU Delft Hyperloop team. Next to the cardboard VR experience we created for the Hyperloop stand, visitors could also experience a glimpse of a cinema experience in VR by the Virtual Reality Cinema. And take it from us, you don’t ‘watch’ a horror movie anymore, you definitely experience it. Very immersive!

Hylke van Maaren

Creative Director, Partner, Visual Designer

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