Beyond Design Roundtables: Share knowledge with fellow Product Leaders

Being a design leader can be lonely and challenging. Or like talking to a brick wall. We want to change that by facilitating Beyond Design roundtables for you.

Our morning events are meant for design leaders from a variety of companies, so they can discuss experiences and challenges, and exchange ideas with design professionals from different markets and industries. Informal, roundtable discussions with a maximum of ten participants from companies that do not compete with each other. Interesting, right?

Two groups

We organise these roundtables for:

  • Design Managers & Design Leads
  • Product Owners & Product Managers
Conversation is a catalyst for innovation. Get connected to a wide network of Design Managers across The Netherlands

“Thanks for having me, and for building this community. Great discussion!”- Koert Bakker, Head of Strategy at PwC Experience Center

Roundtable sessions

  • No designers; Only leads, managers and researchers;
  • Invite-only. Apply for your invite below;
  • We (Hike One) facilitate the sessions;
  • Normally we serve breakfast; During Corona we moved this online.

Schedule Q4 2022

  • 01 Nov - Design Managers - The Business case for Design Systems (EN)
  • 08 Nov - Design Managers - The Business case for Design Systems (NL)
  • 22 Nov - Product Owner/Managers - From stakeholder management to stakeholder collaboration (EN)
  • 29 Nov - Design Managers - Different approaches to building a roadmap (EN)
Since the pandemic, we've moved to remote sessions
"Yesterday I had an insightful morning discussion about design maturity with UX managers organised by Hike One. Always nice to share and learn about each other challenges and experiences in a likeminded group of people." - Den Tserkovnyi, UX Design Team Lead at Study Portals

Topics Beyond Design

The topics we discuss revolve around the bigger theme of DesignOps and levelling up the UX Maturity of your design practice. Here are some example questions we have dived into at the previous roundtables:

  • How do you build a strong team of designers?
  • How do you get started with UX Research?
  • How do you measure the added value of a design?
  • How do you create operational efficiency across the team and organisation?
  • How do you build bridges between clients and developers?
  • How do you share knowledge with the rest of your organisation?

You in? Submit your application below to request a seat at the roundtable. You'll hear from us once we form a full group.

Martijn Pillich hosting an in-person Beyond Design roundtables

How and when?

We organise Beyond Design roundtable discussions over morning coffee online. We start at 8:00 and finish up at 10:00 sharp. This way, you still have the second half of the day to look forward to.

Each roundtable is organised by our host and experienced facilitator Irene de Vocht, together with a design expert. They steer the conversation depending on everyone's input.

"That was great! I loved the interaction and vibe in this group of UX leaders, let’s do this again sometime!"Frank de Wit, Interim Head of UX Research & Design

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