Healthcare platform for clear treatment plans

Digital care pathways that help you to ease the burden on care staff and improve patient outcomes.

Reinventing treatment plans

With an expanding client base, Awell Health took the opportunity to iterate on their initial proof of concept. They asked us to design an improved Pathway Studio that reinvents the way healthcare workers approach treatment plans. In short time, we delivered a platform that allows pathway builders to easily prototype and program treatment plans for patients.

Awell Health is an e-health platform that helps healthcare providers digitize, integrate, and share patient-specific treatments and care pathways. It streamlines the way hospitals, departments, and teams align responsibilities and protocols while seamlessly monitoring progress, and recording results to create the necessary environment for efficient healthcare decisions.

Co-creating a new interface

The initial discovery time, fuelled by a two-week pressure cooker, brought to light the complexity of this challenge. We increased the amount of reviews and involved more team members with insight into building edge cases. Afterwards, the main hierarchy of the Studio was completed on which we later created a completely new interface.

Lean approach

We tested early mock-ups with pathway builders, while development created the first working prototype. This allows Awell Health to conduct user tests, quickly iterate, and test future solutions with a broader audience. Using a lean approach helped to quickly validate assumptions before heavy spending during development.

“A particularly strong point about working with Hike One was the breadth of explorations done in a short time frame. Our software needs to solve complex challenges in novel ways and this discovery together with our experts was a crucial step in the process.”
Thomas Vande Casteele

Team work is dream work

Awell Health aims to help healthcare teams align responsibilities by centralizing all relevant data to a single platform. The Pathway Studio optimizes operational time, effectively improving how healthcare professionals collaborate without making an empty promise of improved quality of healthcare.

Designing structure with freedom

A key aspect of creating this platform was working hand-in-hand with healthcare experts. We wanted to guide users to achieve their goals while providing enough flexibility to accommodate their own way of working. We solved this by combining traditional free-form flow chart building within structured protocols. As part of the Pathway Studio environment, we also made it easy to preview care pathways and for users to check how programmed flow charts work with dummy data.

From visual language to a living design library

To create a visual language for this complex tool, we delivered a living design library with reusable components. With accessibility in mind, we implemented color coding to indicate different levels within the platform. Distinctive icons translate difficult concepts into clear and meaningful symbols. Keeping the newly added stylistic elements open and clean, the platform’s focus on structure and prioritisation is also supported.

Next steps towards design maturity

Working with Awell Health gave us the opportunity to introduce them to the idea of iterative design based on research that champions the users. Understanding the value of good design, they’ve since added a designer to their team who will continue to empower users and improve their product. Moving forward, Awell Health will be rigorously testing the prototype in the field while taking the healthcare market by storm.

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