The Map, an interactive data driven career tool

A tool that offers Heineken employees across the globe transparency about their career opportunities.

Career moves between departments

A career path should not just be a ladder that goes in one direction, rather, it should be a journey. A journey that provides you with multiple routes to getting to where you want to be in your career. Heineken employees expressed the need for more insights into possible career paths, as the opportunities within the company are numerous.

How do you provide all of Heineken's employees across the globe with transparency into their career opportunities as well as facilitate meaningful and frequent career conversations? Together with Heineken we created The Map, an interactive and data driven career tool.

Personal stories bring careers to life

We created The Map that shows to Heineken employees the (cross-functional) career paths of other colleagues, along with videos with their personal stories. Each job on The Map shows the desired experiences, as well as what new experiences employees will gain in the role. This offers employees insights for their personal development plan and input for career conversations with their managers.

Some lines are still under construction

Every employee has a different journey and more routes will appear as they share their career paths with the tool. Via a CMS, a special team of Heineken employees can add new job roles, connect them and add career stories of employees. With each adjustment, the algorithm will create a new visualisation of the map. Over time, the tool will be enriched with new journeys and experiences of employees and will grow its added value.

“With The Map we are moving away from thinking about your career as a 'ladder', rather it being more flexible, like a subway where you have multiple options to get to a desired point.”
Global HR Director Finance

Have a nice journey

Throughout the project of The Map, we utilised an agile delivery approach that sought to engage employees in all phases. We kicked off with a Design Thinking workshop with the key stakeholders of Heineken’s Finance department. In this workshop, we mapped out the user and business needs. The outcome of this being the first conceptualisation of the Finance Map, which we tested with employees during a discovery phase. We developed a data model to show the paths taken by employees and went live with a pilot group to get initial feedback.

Joint effort

The Map is the result of a strong multidisciplinary collaboration between Heineken, front-end experts from our partner De Voorhoede, and data visualisation-specialist Jan-Willem Tulp, all led by Hike One. The idea for The Map originally gained traction within the Finance department but soon was embraced by other departments such as Supply Chain, HR, Procurement, and Marketing. The Map eventually from here on will be rolled out to all employees worldwide.

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