The digital future of the agriculture sector

Agriculture is historically a conservative sector that is resistant to change. With standing still no longer an option, you need a design team that can rise to the digital transformation challenge. 

Through collaboration, extensive research, and strategic planning we’ll help you get to grips with your diverse user base. We’ll help you manage costs, and deliver the right result for your clients. Making sure you remain their preferred partner as their requirements and the industry evolves.

"The world of agriculture is no stranger to revolution. But with global challenges far outweighing solutions, we need to develop the right tools to adapt to threats and the right approaches to ensure we seize every available opportunity."

How we help

We’re here to help you solve the challenges your clients and their users face, both now and in the future. In addition to our expert technical support we offer: 

  • A design workforce that can be integrated seamlessly with your own team or operate independently - whatever suits your objectives and resources.
  • A project plan that everyone in your team can work from. We’ll help you assign responsibilities and identify milestones and benchmarks, incorporating essential research and creating space to learn from the results.
  • Interaective workshops and strategic sessions where ideation, development and solutions come alive.
  • UX research to test and validate hypotheses, improve user and market knowledge and identify and eliminate barriers to use or uptake. 
  • Secure, compliant data management solutions.
  • UX Design that puts the user in the driving seat, delivering information at the point of need, enhancing usability and accessibility, regardless of the user’s skill level. 
  • Memorable, brand design that connects with the user, on their terms, eliminating unnecessary obstacles and creating a seamless experience that builds trust and confidence. 

How design solves challenges

At Hike One our design process will help you create a product that meets the needs of the end user, on their terms. We guide you through the entire journey from ideation, through research and development, testing and deployment. We’ll help you get to know your customers and understand the changing needs of your market.

We’ll explore the UIs that will connect your user with:

  • the tangible product,
  • the advanced analytics that predict environmental or operational impacts,
  • GPS and location-based services that facilitate precision farming,
  • drone integrations to monitor weather conditions,
  • machine vision to improve inspections,
  • crop management calendars to increase efficiencies, and much more.

Why agriculture needs a digital transformation 

Digital transformation in supply chain, task and resource management, innovation in animal feed and agriculture technology, and precision farming practices are at the heart of the new agricultural order. But digital transformation must work for everyone.

  • The farmers who, as guardians of the land, need to be equipped with the technology, insights and skills to meet changing demands.
  • The service providers who must harness the power of AI, the Internet of Things (IoT), big data visualisation and other disruptive technologies to drive innovation and increase farmland profitability.
  • The rural and urban communities who need access to food in an increasingly challenging and overcrowded world.

It’s a tall order. But with the right investment, technology and mindset these challenges can be addressed, and solutions identified. Investment in agricultural technology increased by 41% to $7.9 billion in 2020, recognising the urgent need to address accelerations in climate change, food shortages, and population growth. To help us work towards these important objectives we need: 

  • Technical intervention that addresses both short and long-term challenges. 
  • Tools and agricultural software that can be accessed and used by a diverse user base, where and when they need it. 
  • Platforms that provide cost-effective solutions to labour and resource shortages. 
  • Access to accurate, integrated data that enables swift responses to current challenges and delivers the insights needed to anticipate, and adapt to change.  
  • Platforms that address the user’s unique requirements and are trusted to protect their data at all times. 

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