How to climb up the design leadership ladder

Being a design leader can be lonely and challenging. Or like talking to a brick wall. We want to change that by facilitating UX Leadership Breakfasts for you.

Our morning events are meant for design leaders from a variety of companies, so they can discuss experiences and challenges, and exchange ideas with design professionals from different markets and industries. Informal, roundtable discussions with a maximum of ten participants from companies that do not compete with each other. Interesting, right?

Here are some topics and questions we typically discuss at the breakfast table.

  • How do you build a strong team of designers?
  • How do you build bridges between clients and developers?
  • How do you measure the added value of a design?
  • How do you design a product portfolio?
  • How do you share knowledge with the rest of your organisation?

You in? Sign up below to apply for the breakfast. You'll hear from us once we form a full group. We'll make sure there are enough croissants and coffee too.

Conversation is a catalyst for innovation.

How and when?

We organise UX Leadership Breakfasts in Rotterdam, Eindhoven and Amsterdam. We start at 8:00 and finish up at 11:00 sharp. This way, you still have the second half of the day to look forward to.

Each breakfast is facilitated by Hike One design experts. They’ll steer the conversation depending on everyone's input.

Apply and join the breakfast!

Leave your contact details behind. You'll hear from us once we have a full group.

Insights from the round table


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