Beyond Design: Climb up the design leadership ladder

Being a design leader can be lonely and challenging. Or like talking to a brick wall. We want to change that by facilitating Beyond Design roundtables for you.

Our morning events are meant for design leaders from a variety of companies, so they can discuss experiences and challenges, and exchange ideas with design professionals from different markets and industries. Informal, roundtable discussions with a maximum of ten participants from companies that do not compete with each other. Interesting, right?

Here are some topics and questions we typically discuss at the roundtable.

  • How do you build a strong team of designers?
  • How do you build bridges between clients and developers?
  • How do you measure the added value of a design?
  • How do you design a product portfolio?
  • How do you share knowledge with the rest of your organisation?

You in? Submit your application below to request a seat at the roundtable. You'll hear from us once we form a full group. We'll make sure there are enough croissants and coffee too.

Conversation is a catalyst for innovation.

How and when?

We organise Beyond Design roundtable discussions over breakfasts in Rotterdam, Eindhoven and Amsterdam. We start at 8:00 and finish up at 11:00 sharp. This way, you still have the second half of the day to look forward to.

Each roundtable is organised by our host Rogier Schutte together with a set of experienced facilitators. They’ll steer the conversation depending on everyone's input.

Update: For the sake of staying safe and healthy during Covid-19, we have moved the roundtables in an online setting. The duration of the discussion is also adjusted to 2 hours, from 8:00 to 10:00am. 

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