Built to last: the digital needs of the property and building sectors

Key benefits of digital tools

  • Streamline communication between different departments and sites
  • Improve project management and execution
  • Optimise workflows and schedules
  • Facilitate remote working
  • Deliver important insights on decarbonisation and sustainability initiatives
  • Solutions in real estate and construction companies can be replicated to energy suppliers, and online property platforms.  

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"When designed with the genuine needs of the user and business in mind, digital tools can significantly enhance the future of the real estate and construction sector."

The digital needs of the property and building sectors

The real estate and construction sectors are entering an important stage in the journey towards digital transformation. Adoption of new technologies has been considerably slower than other industries. But the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, sustainability requirements, the lack of affordable housing and issues with skills and labour distribution have accelerated the need to adopt new tools and agile processes. The opportunities for digital solutions in these sectors, as well as for online property viewing, are significant and very exciting.

Project Management tool for Duravermeer to guard the financials of large scale building projects.

Our solutions

Our team takes the lead or works alongside your design team to develop and launch a wide variety of innovative digital tools and solutions. We understand the challenges the retail and construction sector has to tackle and will ensure our approach is focused on addressing the necessary operational changes as well as developing new technologies.

  • App design that delivers a great user experience and boosts brand awareness.
  • UX research that ensures your digital tools get right to the heart of the problem.  
  • User experience testing that delivers the right solutions, for the right people, at the right time.
  • Project management tools that streamline workflows and improve workforce and task coordination.
  • Software that provides the scalable, high-performing solutions you need to succeed.
  • Websites that are a joy to use and navigate and present your brand as you want it to be seen.

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