Mobility and the move towards digital transport solutions

Key trends in transport technology

  • Rental and subscription apps for bikes, e-bikes, e-scooters and electric vehicles
  • AI-powered integrated ticketing and payment apps
  • Travel planning tools with real-time updates and location data
  • Ride-sharing apps for people and goods, for both short and long trips
  • Real-time traffic information based on reports from other users
  • Booking apps for autonomous taxis to help people with restricted mobility
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"From mobility as a service (MaaS) platforms that support end-to-end trip planning, to tools that reduce congestion and increase the efficiency of travel infrastructure, we can help."

The move towards digital transport solutions

The mobility and transport sector is accelerating towards digitisation. Both private and public bodies are under pressure to provide sustainable solutions that cope with the demands of a rapidly increasing population. They must maximise safety, efficiency and convenience and ensure customer data is protected - all while reducing their carbon footprint.

Understanding which platforms, apps and tools will appeal to a disparate user base and solve their problems isn’t easy. You need a design team that can rise to the digital transformation challenge and deliver integrated travel solutions that deliver value for both the business and the user. Now and in the long-term.

Urban Arrow digital ecosystem that gives both end users and dealers complete control of their bike.

What we can do for you

  • Provide a team of design specialists that are dedicated to the success of your project
  • Work with stakeholders to identify what makes your brand unique, clarify your mission, goals and "north star"
  • Project workflows that incorporate design sprints, controlled environment experiments, strategy sessions and a fully-formed visual prototype for real users to test.

And more...

  • Conduct audience and competitor research to ensure your brand and product positioning meets the needs of your audience, both locally and internationally.
  • Conduct comprehensive user research to understand your customers pain points and the design concepts and features that will solve them
  • Create a project roadmap that seamlessly integrates multiple third parties under one hood
  • Create customer journeys that streamline access and improve awareness of new forms of mobility
  • Design and deliver user-friendly digital assets, apps and websites that are aligned with user requirements and make even the most complex solutions easy to understand
  • Companion apps that enhance your product and create strong brand positioning that speaks to your audience

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