Finance and the move towards digital banking solutions

FinTech is going through a historic overhaul. Hybrid or fully decentralised platforms and services are replacing outdated legacy systems and both established firms and start-ups are competing to deliver products faster and more efficiently. 

This transformation presents a number of challenges to financial service providers - identifying the right technological investments and getting access to the talent that can make it happen, to name just two examples. 

But these advancements also offer valuable opportunities to gain a competitive edge. To create innovative products that meet the changing needs of a demanding audience; that provide stability to a world adjusting to COVID-19; that tackle the challenges presented by deregulated markets such as cryptocurrency.

"To deliver solutions like these you need a strong design team that can rise to the digital transformation challenge. You need a partner that knows how to serve the unique needs of the financial service sector."

The FinTech innovations shaping the future right now

  • Online banking apps and client portals which create a genuine connection with users
  • Digital payment tools that are accurate, efficient and highly secure
  • Real-time digital finance management and accounting platforms which make life easier
  • Cryptocurrency and digital asset tools that appeal to a wide variety of investors
  • Blockchain technology that can support an entire ecosystem of FinTech applications

How Hike One can help 

The team at Hike One delivers value to both your business and your customers. Here are some of the ways we can transform your banking services and products. 

  • Work alongside all stakeholders to identify your mission and goals, find your product USPs and "north star"
  • Research your audience and marketplace, getting to grips with what your audience and users want and need, both locally and internationally
  • A team of design specialists that are dedicated to the success of your project
  • Conduct comprehensive user research to understand your customers pain points  and the design concepts and features that will solve them
  • Design and deliver user-friendly digital assets, apps and websites that are aligned with user requirements and make even the most complex solutions easy to grasp
  • Companion apps that enhance your product and create strong brand positioning that resonates with your audience
  • Project workflows that incorporate design sprints, controlled environment experiments, strategy sessions and a fully-formed visual prototype for real users to test.

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