Beyond Design recap: Navigating tomorrow - The evolving role of UX in Gen Alpha’s world

Caya Kempe

During our last Beyond Design roundtable we discussed the ever-evolving world of digital product design and how to create products for Generation Alpha. We loved the topics that were brought to the table. Here’s a recap of what was discussed.

“Every day we get overloaded with more and more options. If you are not supported in the decision-making process, you are still left with nothing.”

How does Generation Alpha learn, and how do we keep children socially connected?

  • It is an assumption that kids need personalised learning programs. Adaptive learning isn’t that well-researched.
  • Social constructivism is a great way to learn. A child is more likely to take feedback from a peer than from a teacher.
  • Making mistakes whilst learning is very helpful, especially when done in a peer group because you learn from each other’s mistakes as well.
  • A lot of this research can be applied to the new available technologies.

Ethics of designing for kids; how to deal with increased screen time, increased obesity, politics, gambling, etc.

  • New and existing technologies allow you to be on the move. The challenge is to design solutions that prevent cognitive overload and allow for learning.
  • Tracking progress has gone wrong, it focuses too much on achievements and too little on actual learning.
  • We might be on a learning curve where we move from using technology as an escape to seeing that digital isn’t always a solution.

What are the motivation drivers for Gen Alpha, and how to bring kids back into your app?

  • Find out how to activate the pre-knowledge a kid already has, once they recognize something, they can link new information to what they already know.
  • The biggest motivation is intrinsic motivation, and you don’t get that from a medal.
  • There are so many things a kid can choose from these days. Let’s teach them how to make decisions.

Caya Kempe
Lead Strategy & Research

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