Meet Hike One! A team of digital product designers based in Rotterdam


Witte de With, Leuvehaven, Maritiem museum

Our office is situated at the fourth floor of the office building called ‘De Leuve', next to the Leuvehaven. We opened our Rotterdam office in 2014. We have a great view, come check it out! Call us at 010 307 03 10 (En we spreken trouwens ook gewoon Rotterdams... en een beetje Nederlands).

Schiedamsedijk 40a
3011 ED Rotterdam
The Netherlands
010 30 703 10

De Leuve in the Leuvehaven

What we do

  • Researching business and user
    Understand how your product can add value to your customers.
  • Validating business ideas
    Identify solutions that serve your target audience best.
  • Creating new products
    Translate ideas into tangible concepts and realistic, user-friendly designs.
  • Improving products
    Continue learning from user feedback to stay ahead of the competition
Enthusiastic professionals

Design team Rotterdam

In Rotterdam we have about 25 design professionals working on various digital projects. We work for both big and small clients. Our team consists of interaction designers, visual designers and project managers.

Digital Creators Rotterdam


We host a variety of design related events in our office: Digital Creators meetups, UX Cocktail Hour, the first Powerpoint Karaoke ever, Beyond Design roundtables over breakfast, Future Frontiers and more. We also attend meetings in the area like: Makerspace, Creative Mornings and Fuck up Fridays.

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