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This year we are celebrating our 15th anniversary as an independent agency. It cannot be more symbolical than this, that we are also ranked as a top agency in the UX Design category in the Emerce100 best e-business companies, 2023 edition!

Emerce100 best e-businesses

In 2008 we opened the doors to Hike One (formerly UnitID), and at the time we were one of the first to specialize in UX design, more specifically interaction design. Since then, our services have greatly expanded, with more than sixty employees and offices in Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Rotterdam. Simultaneously with our fifteenth anniversary, it was announced this week that Hike One has ranked best "UX Design Agency" in the top Emerce100. This is the eighteenth edition of the survey by Emerce and Motivaction into the best companies in the online industry.

"We are extremely proud of the agency we have become in 15 years and of our team full of specialists, who are always driven to deliver the best work for our clients. We are also very grateful to our clients for their trust and for the fine collaboration. We have seen the market and our profession change and have always strived to evolve our services and anticipate developments. That we are amongst the top in Emerce100 feels like icing on the cake." - David van Duinen, Commercial Director at Hike One

Bridging the gap between technology & user

The Hike One team & clients together for a custom workshop with Christian Crumlish

We work with clients such as Marktplaats, Signify, Heineken, ANWB, Rituals, among many others. Through UX research, definition and execution of product strategy, and UX & UI design we always strive for a smooth connection between technology and the end user. Our team achieves this in close collaboration with the client, bringing together the design industry knowledge and the business and product insights. And we always leave our customers more capable than before to continue on their own.

"Having Hike One as a strategic design partner has helped us to stay focussed on our mission by providing the right value for all of our users that love to trade on our platforms." - Jeroen Vos, Design Manager at Marktplaats

We aim to create products that solve the business problems of our clients while meeting their customers needs. By the means of design thinking, we validate ideas and opportunities as soon as possible and solve pressing challenges. Design is a means to an end, one that bridges the gap between technology and people.

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