Life at Hike One

Who we are

We call ourselves designers. Yet we see ourselves as so much more. At Hike One we do what we love and come from all walks of life. We are engineers, explorers, entrepreneurs, teachers, researchers, illustrators, musicians, thrill-seekers and above all else, human. Our mission is to empower businesses so they can stay ahead of the competition. We do this by making technology work for people and designing digital products that are deliberate and delightful. Are you looking for an adventure? Good, so are we. 

"In a typical year you learn a lot and grow very quickly."
Roderick Trompert, People and Culture Lead

What we value

🧡   Do what you love
Pride and fun in our work always comes first.

🧭   Find a way
Get creative results with a serious positive problem-solving attitude.

☑️   Get things done
Make ideas tangible in no-time and work in iterative steps to experiment and learn.

🤲   Be open and honest
Close collaborations are built on trust, speaking up and sharing ideas.

How we work

At Hike One, we trust everyone to take ownership and pride in their work. That’s why we have implemented Holacracy at Hike One, a form of self-organisation that supports autonomy where you decide how you can best contribute to Hike One. You are free to make decisions in your field of expertise or even experiment in a new discipline. In a fast-paced environment, we work agile and adapt to continuous change in our industry. We manage ourselves and you know best. This way of work gives you a voice so you can help shape Hike One into a workplace that works for you.

Perks of your job

  • Flexible cross-disciplinary career opportunities.
  • A wide range of training offerings via our own Hike One Academy.
  • Personal learning budget to spend on training courses, coaching or volunteer work.
  • A healthy, flexible work culture without doing overtime.
  • Access to wellbeing resources, including massages, professional mental healthcare via Open Up and a healthy lunch.
  • NS Business Card for travelling by public transport, shared car, bike or scooter.
  • Latest MacBook and software.
  • Become part of a ‘gezellig’ team of fellow digital design enthusiasts that share a passion for making technology work for people.
  • Yearly Hike One weekend trip with the team.
  • An annual profit share.

What to expect

Short call

A 15 minute call for a first introduction.

First interview

Time to get to know each other better.

Second interview

Deep dive into your work, role and life at Hike One


You amazed us!
Let's return the favour.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call.

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Interaction Designer
Amber van de Velde
Visual Designer
Anke de Kok
Interaction Designer
Anouk Boetekees
Interaction Designer
Bas van Wuijckhuijse
UX Researcher
Boyd Emmen
Lead Strategy & Research
Caya Kempe
Interaction Designer
Daisy Hofstede
Commercial Director
David van Duinen
Interaction Designer
Felix Mauricio Fraile Schumacher
UX Researcher
Floris Jansen
Interaction Designer
Hanna Halontka
Creative Director
Hylke van Maaren
Interaction Designer
Hélène Schmitz
Account Manager
Irene de Vocht
Interaction Designer
Kim van den Hout
Visual Designer
Laura van Wijk
Interaction Designer
Marco Geerarts
People & Culture lead
Marco Geurs
Managing Director
Martijn Pillich
Matthijs Collard
Visual Designer
Matthijs Havelaar
Interaction Designer
Morta Andriu
Interaction Designer
Nazli Yilmaz
Product Strategist
Niki Jongman
Product Strategist
Oscar Jonker
Rick le Roy
Visual Designer
Robbert Oortman Gerlings
Design Director
Roderick Trompert
Visual Designer
Shira Pelamonia
Operations Manager
Sigrid van Roosmalen
Lead Product Design
Sophie Crull
Interaction Designer
Suzanne Wensveen
Product Strategist
Tess Poot
Interaction Designer
Tjapko Vermeulen
Visual Designer
Valeria Gay
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