Quantum computing made easy

Quantum Inspire marks Europe’s first quantum computer in the cloud. Allowing anyone who wants to learn about quantum computing technology to perform calculations on real qubits, the building blocks of a quantum computer. Hike One collaborated intensively with QuTech - a collaboration of TU Delft and TNO - to create a scalable, user friendly and attractive UI platform. We designed an interface for “the computer of the future” that brings quantum computing to a broader audience.


Quantum Inspire is a genuine breakthrough in quantum technology. The cloud platform allows access to various types of qubits, each with their own characteristics. The interface makes it easy to switch between the different hardware chips.

Helping users to get started with Quantum Computing

With new technology comes new terminology. And with cQASM, there is also a complete new programming language to learn. We designed a smooth on-boarding flow for novice users and offer them an extensive, yet accessible, knowledge base.

I was positively surprised how fast people from both Hike One and De Voorhoede took ownership of the process, supported us in defining clear goals and provided the right people for each of the complex tasks. On top of that I really appreciated their drive, flexibility and their passion.

Jorrit van Wakeren

Program manager at QuTech (a collaboration between TNO and TUDelft)

A code-first approach

Together with a strong front-end team from De Voorhoede, we designed and built a browser-based code editor for writing cQASM. The editor comes with templates, code-snippets and a direct link with the knowledge base.

Bringing code to life

Users can type their quantum algorithms in cQASM and the custom-built parser translates the code into a visual representation. This makes that code comes to life and boosts understanding of the underlying physical quantum states.

Introducing Quantum Inspire

A new name that will educate and inspire a new generation on the possibilities of quantum computing. Our team worked on a digital visual identity that balances the authority of high-tech with the look and ease-of-use of your favourite web-app.
At my first visit I could not really follow what the QuTech team was saying. It was all abracadabra. When I returned four weeks later suddenly my colleagues started teaching me about quantum computing! Great to see Hikers dive into any subject, master it in no-time and build a beautiful product around it.

Matthijs Collard

founder Hike One

Building a brighter future together

For this project we worked closely together with de Voorhoede and a dedicated team of QuTech at the Delft University of Technology.

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