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With Liberty Global's 'Media Box Next' rolling out to customers around Europe and the Netherlands, we're proud to present the work we did with Liberty Global to give shape to the company’s latest chapter: Horizon 4. This TV platform speaks to the need of modern TV lovers for connected entertainment and on-the-go content. We helped Liberty to revamp their mobile app and created the UI of the superfast set-top box, resulting in a quick, easy and seamless viewing experience for over 30 million TV watchers in eleven European countries.

Any content, anywhere, any time

Started watching a movie in the train on your iPad and you’d like to continue watching it on your TV now that you’re home? No problem, with Horizon 4 you can just swipe up on your tablet and your movie will appear on the big screen in front of you! Just one way to ensure a fluid interaction between the different channels and to make sure that these multiple devices feel, look and act like one family.

'Ziggo's new media box is a breath of fresh air'

Just one of the quotes from Mediabox Next reviews around the web

Simplifying the UI for a faster, more satisfying user experience

We took a critical look at the existing UI and decided it was time for a major sweep. One of the major complaints of users, was the difficulty in finding the content they were searching for in Horizon’s catalogue. Say no more: we immediately knew flattening the structure was needed. Now, your favorite content is just a few clicks away (instead of 9… just saying!). Even more important: we put the user in control. Only they delete, add or change content – not the system. And lastly, we added a dash of transparency: a folder with 25 movies now says ’25 movies’ (and not just ‘movies’). All this adds up to a simple, clear and coherent experience. Just how we all like it!

Our collaboration with Hike One started 4,5 years ago with a team of two, now that team has grown massively – just as our product. The redesign of our Horizon platforms has so far been a huge success: the consumer satisfaction rate is very high and reviews praise the functionality of the UI.

Mark Giesbers

Liberty Global’s vice-president of entertainment products

One product, multiple brands

One of the biggest challenges was to get all providers that have their own branding on board with the design. With millions users spread across eleven countries, it’s fair to say that a lot of stakeholders were involved in this project. The system couldn't be too country specific but still had to clearly communicate the countries brands.

  • Ziggo
  • Telenet
  • Virgin Media
  • VTR

Different brand, same effortless experience

To cater for working with different brand efficiently and easily, we came up with a design library to minimize inconsistencies in the design process. Fixed names for documents, pre-designed elements that are easily traceable in the design system and a more smooth communication structure: only when the foundation is right, the product can be right, too. 

We decided to use a design library to eliminate the possibility of design inconsistencies. In the end this helped us speed up the design process for new screens, but also simplified changing existing components.

Nick Hogendoorn

Visual Designer

Enriching the experience through subtle animation

Performance is a key indicator for user experience. Using animation to show that something is loading or to create a smoother transition can greatly improve the ‘feel’ of an interface. So we put a lot of effort in getting these animations just right.

360% happier users*

*A massive increase of 54 points when comparing with the previous Horizon TV Net Promoter Score.

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