Bridging the gaps

We partnered with the City of Amsterdam to improve their design process and create a comprehensive design system. The organisation encountered inconsistency of its brand guidelines through multiple domains. Moreover, three different resource websites were used to create new web pages. With our knowledge about design systems for other large companies, we took on the challenge to help out the City of Amsterdam by creating a solid base for all its components, branding guidelines and principles.

Single source of truth

Our main objective was to take away general design inconsistencies throughout the whole platform. We have made it possible to bring back three different resource websites to a single source of truth.

Head out for the best

After facilitating two workshops we got a clear picture of the scope and direction. We literally cut out components from pages, discussed them and made decisions. The objective was to set up guidelines, resources and responsibilities. Also, we created design principles which would help us in making the right decisions for the system.

A design system makes your workflow so much more streamlined and comfortable. And with the new system in place you are always sure you are using the latest version.

Evelien Mooij-Gebler

Visual Designer

Rearrange the design process

We investigated that the current design process of the City of Amsterdam left room for improvement. For example, internal design-related departments didn't communicate about branding. By conducting interviews with stakeholders we created a well-structured workflow in which a design system fits perfectly.

One platform to rule them all

Components and its documentation on how it’s used can now be found on one platform called Zeroheight, together with guidelines and design principles. For designers and other stakeholders it’s important everyone follows the same principles and no doubt can arise. Zeroheight has advantages like version control, an easy and accessible website with great embedding possibilities and custom domain URL handling.

Creating designs in no-time

We carefully investigated the right tool for the whole design process. We selected Sketch because other external designers we interviewed also use this as their primary design tool. By incorporating a Sketch library we achieved to help designers setting up their web pages incredibly fast.

Let’s rebuild your design process

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