Keeping 3 million users happy

Buienradar asked Hike One to overhaul their highly popular weather app, which has more than 3 million users. The company expressed a wish that improving and enriching the app should not affect the look and feel for its loyal users. Mapping the current user needs and what their needs will look like three years’ time was a big part of the puzzle.

Truly understanding the user

By means of extensive research, interviews and data analysis, we managed to understand the users and adapt the redesign to their profile. We set up Facebook groups, sent out questionnaires, and collaborated with WeLikeMilk for data research. 

Thanks to Hike One's methods and expertise, based on Design Thinking, we’ve managed to really create a successful design for both the website and apps of Buienradar.

Niels de Kind

Manager RTL Weather & Traffic at RTL Nederland

Completely different but with the same familiar feeling

Redesigning the app didn’t go at the expense of its familiar look and feel. We created a new look and better experience, but did not change the face of Buienradar.

From a 3 to a 4.5 star rating

With 9,800,000 downloads in the App Store and an average in-app time of 2 minutes and 16 seconds.

Choices based on personas and top tasks

Because of their loyal user group, Buienradar initially was a little anxious about renewing the website and apps. We did research before creating personas and using Top Tasks to really zoom in on the user needs. This enabled us to leave the user journey intact.

Scalable for all future radar views

In addition to the rain and sun radars, there are many more weather conditions that Buienradar likes to include in their app. We created a uniform front-end for new radar views for them, which they were happy to roll out to include mosquitos and pollen.

All radars just two clicks away

Users can switch between the available radar views happens in one simple overview screen. Whether it be snow, rain or sun: you'll easily find what you’re looking for in two clicks.

The complete forecast at a glance

Research demonstrated the vital importance of the forecast in the Buienradar app. More specifically, users wanted to see the map right away, followed by the 14-day weather prediction.


We joined forces with Triple for development to realise the Buienradar redesign.
  • RTL
  • Triple
  • Hike One
Redesigning an app used by millions of fans is a scary undertaking. But we managed to turn it into a huge success, through rapid prototyping and quick validating.

Daan van Klinken

Interaction Designer

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