Connecting the dots

Elke is a responsive platform that helps users take control of their healthcare supply needs. It stores users healthcare records & purchase history, allowing them to keep track of their supplies and easily make new orders directly from their pharmacist. Once an order is placed, users can choose to it pick up in-store, or have it delivered to their doorstep.

Research is everything

We began our 3 weeks of research by interviewing 6 potential customers and 6 pharmacists to understand their pain points and empathize with their needs. Based on those findings, we created user personas and customer journeys for each user group. To identify and select the best business opportunities from our research results, we facilitated a value proposition workshop with our stakeholders.

As a result, we were able to very quickly validate our assumptions, test our solution, and identify true value. We knew we were headed in the right direction!

Multiple teams, one goal

To ensure successful launch, we worked together with multiple partners and stakeholders. Hike One teamed up with Infi's software developers to construct the Elke platform. Elke’s partner Hulpmiddelbezorgd stepped in to conduct the medical assessments, determine the user's medical supply needs, and took care of delivering their supplies to the pharmacy or directly to the client's doorstep.

By incorporating stakeholders into our process we struck a balance between important business goals and the user's needs.

Hike One first of all helped us to get started in an organized way, outlining our ideas on paper and setting up a blueprint for what the platform had to look like. Along the way they have not only been the party managing the proces, but also handing their expertise to sharpen ideas to set us up for a great product. Hike One has played a key role in fulfilling our wish to build something as intuitive as possible.

John Feimann

founder Elke

Step by step user registration 

Elke deals with sensitive health records and personal information, so it was imperative to implement a safe and secure sign-up process. We also had to consider that the majority of Elke's target audience is 60+, and are not familiar with digital patterns. To help users, we created a simple, step-by-step guided sign up flow, with instructions and explanations on each required step. And to make sure we protected customer data, we used mobile phone authentication to make sign secure.

Empowering users to manage their own medical supplies

The majority of users need to replenish their medical supplies on a recurring basis. It can be very difficult, and often confusing to keep track of the products they need, and remember to order new ones when supplies run low. Elke keeps meticulous records and makes it easy for users to search their order history, and even sends reminders when it's time to re-supply.

Smooth guided ordering process

To make ordering quick and easy, we pre-filled all the information provided through the pharmacies; product, address, and earliest delivery date. Choosing a delivery time is intuitive with a 7-day calendar view. To finalize and order, users are provided with an overview of their product(s), order date, and address for confirmation. This flow allows users to place an order with minimal clicks and assurance that their order will be placed correctly and delivered on time.

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