Ordering flowers in the digital age

The key to Dümmen Orange's success is a broad and deep product range that is supported by a global supply chain. Dümmen Orange is growing rapidly and asked Hike One to build a highly specific platform so that they could make the world’s biggest collection of flowers and plants accessible to customers. While ensuring that their distinctive and vivid brand identity would stand out.
“Developing a platform for our global activities was a huge challenge. Thanks to Hike One, we have been able to launch our new website on time, with new features and fully in line with our unique branding.”

Marco van der Sar

Manager Marketing and Corporate Communications at Dümmen Orange

Built for 9 languages and 10 international regions

Thousands of products in a shopping cart? No problem

A complex functionality made easy for everyone: adding huge numbers of plants and flowers is not a problem. They are sorted automatically prior to ordering. Happy stacking!

The cream of the crop(s)

For Dümmen Orange, we joined forces with Palladyn as product owner and Eleven for development.
  • Hike One
  • Palladyn
  • Dummen Orange
  • Eleven
“We kicked off with a two-day workshop: two weeks later we had the core pages nailed down and full support from every single main stakeholder.”

Robbert Ouwerkerk

Team Lead interaction design

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