Controlled experiments as a shortcut to innovation

The best way to research the future, is to run controlled experiments in the real world. Which happens to be messy and uncontrollable. So, armed with prototypes cobbled together from cardboard, duct tape and an iPad Pro, we set off to airports and field-tested our designs. Until every passenger was gone and luggageless in under 60 seconds.

On average departure process at Incheon’s Airport: 38 minutes

International standard: 60 minutes

Don’t push when a nudge will do

Sometimes all it takes is a gentle nudge to save a huge amount of time. Adding the ‘Please enter’ screen, thus inviting the next customer in line to step forward, proved a simple way to make a big difference.

“We wanted to offer passengers a great user experience at baggage check-in. That became a reality thanks to a productive collaboration with Hike One.”

Reinout van der Meulen

Senior Portfolio Manager BagDrop at SITA

The crew

To realise Sita’s Drop & Fly system, we joined forces with two partners: Van Berlo for physical product design and De Voorhoede for front-end development.
  • De Voorhoede
  • Hike One
  • Van Berlo
  • Sita

Design sprint in a crowded airport

We admit, we are huge fans of the Google Ventures design sprint. Cranking up the pressure, designing and validating a solution in just five days... That’s hard to beat.

“We learned an awful lot from simulating the drop-off experience in crowded airports. The prototypes we used for testing were cobbled together from cardboard, duct tape and an iPad.”

Hylke van Maaren

Design Director

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