Strategy meets Digital Design

How do you successfully gain traction in a highly competitive market like digital radio? A superior product experience alone often won’t convince the customer to switch. JUKE has proven that it can be done, and Hike One is happy to share the strategy and design that we used to support them in their mission.


JUKE, part of Talpa Network, is a free digital platform providing radio, podcasts and non-stop music throughout the Netherlands. The initial task of Hike One was to establish their user onboarding strategy, and design the best possible mobile app for those users, which would set JUKE apart from their competitors in the field.

Gaining market share

There are currently three players dominating the Dutch market for digital radio. They each have a simple setup, but their products are deeply ingrained into the habits of loyal and long term users. Talpa Radio offers several fresh features, including live access to well-known radio shows, live video and non-stop music on demand. The challenge for JUKE was to gain market share, using the advantages of Talpa to position itself between traditional radio and streaming services such as Spotify.

If we don’t make mistakes, we’re not experimenting.

Patrick Goldsteen

Digital Product Director at Talpa Network and JUKE

Running Lean experiments

We began by establishing which features were most sought after by the users. Through various quick experiments on the existing platform, and a series of user tests, we were able to quickly get the answers we needed without investing a lot of resources. The results showed that live streams of the radio studios and easy switching between radio channels were among the most desired features, and it was these which we decided to focus on.

Test, then build

The experiments we ran were designed to be quick and dirty, and included all the tried and true techniques; user interviews, prototyping, A/B tests, etc. Once we felt confident with the main outline of features we began with more detail-focused experiments, and these we continued even while the app was being built.

A deep understanding of your users is key

The approach of rapid experimentation was applied throughout the project, for example when designing the onboarding flow of first-time users. To ensure an optimal onboarding experience, including the personalisation of ads, the users first had to feel comfortable to provide certain data within the app. We experimented to determine at which point this trust had been gained. These strategies are only successful if they are initially shaped by user insights (based on data) and then thoroughly tested.

Hike One has helped us take the design thinking process in our organization to the next level by adding the right competences to our team.

Lukas Pauka

Product Manager JUKE at Talpa Network

Designing the best possible App

With a solid understanding of the user-needs, key features and onboarding strategy, we could then focus on designing the app. After a period of ideation we came up with a brand new “radio switcher” (an intuitive horizontal swiping motion to switch between channels). Animations and vibrant color schemes were applied throughout the app.

Perfecting the most important feature

We also wanted to offer the functionality of watching live video footage from the studio, adding songs to your personal playlist, and being able to see what song was up next. It was a very complex design job, undertaken in close collaboration with the developers from Levi9. Their expertise allowed us to perfect the motion of the radio switcher, and combine these features into a clean but sophisticated product.

Try JUKE for yourself!

In a period of only a few months from start to finish, a brand new, thoughtful app was launched. Don’t take our word for it though, test it yourself by downloading JUKE for free in the App Store.

How Strategy meets Design

The new JUKE app succeeded in combining attractive design, clever strategy and intuitive switching between channels. With over 1500 reviews and a rating of a 4,5 in the App Store, JUKE is currently included in the top 10 Music apps.

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