Live up to the expectations of 45.000 Cineville members

Cineville asked us to design a 'seamless movie theater app experience' that lives up to the expectations of their loyal fanbase. Cineville members often visit multiple movies a week, in different theaters across the city. Sometimes even in multiple cities. Their needs are quite different than those of regular movie visitors. So we made sure to involve the fanbase from the start.

Making tangible real in no time

We used a design sprint to get a concept in front of the fanbase fast. It helped us to get a real, genuine reaction from current users, right at the start. We used surveys, interviews and desirability tests to map their needs. We used an iteration sprint to refine the concept and performed ad-hoc user checks to quickly validate new design patterns.

Smart filters that match the users needs

The opportunity to go to any movie you like, at any given time, alone or with friends, in any theatre of your liking, leaves you with a lot of use cases to consider as designer. All members have different preferences. Some of them have a specific date or time in mind. Others are looking for a specific movie or theater. How do we address all different scenario’s? Smart filters help members find the movie or time slot they like based on their personal preferences. 

Get a clear overview of where your movie is playing

We admit it, this was a bit of a challenge. How do you display the showtimes for amovie when there can be over 18 theaters in the city? We designed a pattern that gives the user a complete overview of all the different show times for the upcoming week. At the same we give the user a shortcut to reserve or book the chosen show time.

Micro animations that make you want to wait

To emphasise important interactions in the app and make the check-in progress feel seamless, we used micro animations. They are an essential part of the user experience and give the app a unique personality.
Hike One helped us to find and prioritise the wishes our members had for an app. Next, they translated those wishes into a beautiful UX and UI design. It was a big challenge but they succeeded greatly. The micro-animations make the app feel effortless for the user. Awesome work, Hike One!

Milan van Schaik

Project Lead App, Cineville

Skip the line and check-in with the Cineville app

Cineville members often visit multiple movies in a week, in different theaters across the city.  As you can imagine, we don’t want those members to wait in line for their tickets. So improving the booking and reservation process became our biggest priority. 

Download it on the AppStore

We loved to design for a brand with such an active fanbase. In the process we became movie lovers ourselves. Really, you should try it! It’s addictive. The Cineville app is available from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


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