The Challenge

Build a brand around a completely new concept for the weight-loss market. Design an app that delivers this functionality in simple easy-to-understand way without endangering the clients business model. Lastly communicate both product and concept to the world in a succinct landing page that convinces people to try the Sinque solution.

A solid foundation

Before we picked up our pencils for Sinque we built up a thorough understanding of who they are and how they wanted to communicate to the world. We achieve this understanding through our Brand Sprint and Visual Identity Sprint workshops.
Sinque had already proved their concept. For the next stage they needed to ‘scale up’. A solid strategic foundation ensured we built a brand prepared for this next chapter.

Joshua Noon

Visual design lead

An identity with a scientific edge

The core of the Sinque solution is their proprietary algorithm. This algorithm takes natural fluctuations into account to give an accurate picture of a person's health and their weight-loss trajectory. In developing the identity we took direct inspiration from this ground-breaking technology and the path to success it unlocks.

vs Users

For Sinque we had two key audiences we needed to address; end-users and trainers. The first audience required a warmer more supportive approach. To channel this we used yellow as our dominant colour with blue as an accent. Our second audience needed a more technical, perfomance orientated approach. To facillitate this we skewed the UI toward blue using the yellow as an accent, and made use of technical patterns.

Of people who try Sinque 80% lose or maintain weight

Statistic provided by Renato Romani — Sinque

How it works

We tested the concept early on in a real gym. This helped us to see how the product was used in context. We took the feedback to iterate and improve on the concept.

Gertjan Melgers

Interaction design lead

Getting people on the scale

The challenge was to work with a double focus. We needed to get people on the scale often enough that we could show them progress towards their goal. We came up with a navigational concept that made it effortless to shift focus between these two interwoven functions and communicate to the user how one directly affected the other.

Checking progress without numbers

At Sinque they believe weight is not a number. In fact numbers can be extremely discouraging. Therefore it was crucial that we communicate how people are doing without this confrontation. Enter the Sun-meter. The Sun-meter shows you how bright your outlook is based on your rate of progress. The future is bright.

Made to motivate; predicting future weight range

Based on the data gathered from the scale Sinque generates personalised weight trends. Effectively predicting what the users weight range will be in two weeks time. With a clear view of the journey ahead, the user can take actions to ensure a positive outcome. Sinque puts the user back in control!

Integrating offers

The the Sun-meter and personalised weight trends directly feed into the Sinque business model (meter > prediction > offers). If you need help changing your future, a curated selection of local offers is then at your finger tips.

Gertjan Melgers

Interaction design lead

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