How we helped Funda

Funda is the first website that comes to mind when a house owner decides to put his property up for sale in the Netherlands. Since its establishment in 2001, Funda has become the foremost leader in the landscape of real estate websites. With a clear mission to stay on top, they knocked on our doors and asked Hike One to help them with a grand redesign.

Staying ahead of competition

Funda wanted to stay ahead of competition and, at the same time, greatly improve the user experience of exploring new homes. We helped the agile teams by doing research, design and usability testing. Demoing at the Funda square, for all to see every Tuesday, and staying in close touch with the MT helped to iterate quickly. 

Enriching the experience

By providing users with a more appealing object listing’ with more room for photos, video and other media, we enriched the experience for Funda users.

Bringing illustrations to the table

To set Funda apart and help separate the brand from its product offering, we chose to give Funda a unique identity through custom illustrations. Together with studio Patswerk we set up a plan for a flexible, fully responsive, and expandable illustration collection. 

29 % increase in page visits at Funda

Up from 24.000.000 to 31.000.000 page visits per month

Raise the bar in My Funda

Listening closely to customers led to an extended My Funda area. We learned visitors wanted to be able to create collections on the site and receive notifications when new properties that aligned with their search criteria were put up for sale. As a third improvement, we added the option to ‘favourite’ properties.

Serving the other side: the realtors

The largest target groups for Funda are people who want to buy a house, but let’s not forget that other important group: the realtors. We made it easier for them to add characteristics of properties, photos and videos. All the while keeping track on how the listing is doing and give tips on what can be improved.

5x ... tasty topics to inspire, or just feed your curiosity.

Every couple of weeks the Funda content team gathers a nice set of interesting houses for sale that fit in a relevant or trending topic. Houses over a million, houses with a swimming pool, and so on. It almost feels like a magazine and they can be inspirational or just give a peek in striking houses.

It's been a joy working with the knowledgeable and talented designers of Hike One. In close cooperation we've really created a rock solid foundation for the new Funda website.

Rolf van der Steen

Product owner at Funda

A fresh personality and improved user experience for Holland's biggest real estate portal.

From being just functional to an inspirational service with a strong identity. It's now easier than ever to search in the vast amount of available houses and get a good impression of the house of your dreams. Happy house hunting!

Adding illustration to the mix really gives Funda it's own personality. The rise in pageviews didn't hurt either ;)

Miguel Kooreman

Team Lead Visual Design

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