A truly universal TV viewing experience for a new generation

We helped international TV and broadband company Liberty Global revamp the Horizon Go interactive TV app, used by millions of users to consume video content wherever they go.

Consuming content on all devices

The way we consume TV, movies and series has changed. We’ve moved on from watching linear television in the living room to on demand content. On any device, at any place, at any time. Hike One helped Liberty Global to design one universal experience for consuming content on their multiscreen products, for families all over the world.

Not your average app

Designing this app was no small feat: the Go-app is currently live in 12 countries under 5 different brands, with more countries and new brands coming up later this year. This means 5 brand identities, 10 different languages and many country-specific features, demands and legal requirements to take into account. On top of that, the Horizon Go app is available across iOS, Android and Windows devices and is also accessible on the web.

Hike One not only played an essential role in designing a great new experience of our multiscreen products, but also in ensuring a consistent and coherent implementation of this new experience across our various platforms.

Edward Bos

Director Product Development Multiscreen at Liberty Global

A global reach of more than 8 million users

Watching 45.000 hours of linear and on demand TV per month, through the GO app.

Stronger together

Together with multiple stakeholders we work according to the principles of Scrum. This results in daily stand-ups, refinement, and planning and review sessions. Since we work together with developers, in-house designers and product owners, we execute refinements cross-team. During reviews we gather all product owners and designers and present our work for alignment, feedback gathering and design improvements.

Working on this long-term project required close cooperation and trust between our team and our stakeholders. We're looking forward to continue working with Liberty Global and keep improving the TV products.

Myrthe Geldof

Design Lead

Television everywhere

We watch TV on many devices at any time. And while traditional TV screens are still very popular, we’re also eager to see our favourite shows and series while travelling, in bed or even on the toilet. That's why the Horizon Go app is available on all devices. 

Design a Design System

We’ve created a consistent and manageable design system: this makes it easy to maintain design changes and hand over the design to development. During the project, we changed course and went from designing for one platform to designing for all platforms at once. 

Continuous improvements

The redesign of the Horizon Go Interactive TV app was released in December 2017. However, this has only been the start. We’re working on new functionalities and improvements already and are continuously testing the product to find out what users want.

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