Healthcare and its future digital direction

Key digital needs of healthcare

  • Technology that helps citizens access healthcare services more quickly, in a way that is cost-effective to service providers.
  • Software solutions that save time and money.
  • Personalised care delivered in the right channels, at the right time.
  • UI built to meet the needs of a diverse user base, on their terms.
  • Platforms that address the user’s unique requirements, but that they can trust to protect their data at all times.

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Mobile technologies are seamlessly integrated into our daily tasks, but it requires greater innovation, and a more rigorous understanding of the end user to create apps and solutions that will help the healthcare sector weather the ongoing storm.

Healthcare and its future digital direction

Professional healthcare apps are leading the charge towards sustainable, cost-effective solutions that empower the user, and optimise services. Adapting to new care pathways, budgets and resources restraints and the need to deliver a wider variety of remote assistance, healthcare professionals are struggling to find solutions that address current, and future challenges. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

At Hike One, we believe it is possible to achieve all these goals and more when you design the digital products that people want, and need.

Sinque needed to deliver a motivational weight loss app that addressed the diverse needs of end-users and trainers. We developed Siqnue's branded UIs and a variety of functionalities that communicated progress, and encouraged ongoing use without unnecessary confrontation.

How we can help

As your strategic digital partner, we offer a suite of agile services to solve your specific healthcare challenges. Our focus is always to support your business as it evolves and responds to new challenges. In addition to our technical support we offer:

  • A flexible design workforce that can operate independently or integrate seamlessly with your own team.
  • An actionable project plan that incorporates your entire vision and goals. From establishing objectives to assigning milestones; from in-depth research and testing to quantifying and benchmarking results, we’ve got it covered.
  • Workshops and strategic sessions where ideation, development and solutions come alive.
  • Data management expertise to ensure your solutions are secure and compliant.
  • UX Research that helps you understand your audience and market, testing and validating hypotheses, and identifying and eliminating barriers to use or uptake.
  • UX Design that delivers information at the point of need, ensuring the experience is as user-friendly as possible, and that it is appropriate to the skill level of the consumer.
  • User-friendly app design that creates the best response in your users.
  • Brand design that optimises the user experience, delivering a positive, memorable brand experience that helps you connect with users, and builds trust. Our designs are thoroughly researched and tested to elicit the desired response in users.

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