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Nice to meet you! We are Hike One

Not just another digital agency. Founded in 2008 by Rick and Matthijs, after noticing an increasing demand for interaction design back then. Ever since we have been expanding with specialised designers in UX, new product design, research, and developing internal trainings. We're proud to continuously maintain a team with over 50 Hikers each year. 

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What we do best

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Who we are

We call ourselves designers. Yet we see ourselves as so much more. We come from all walks of life. We are engineers, explorers, entrepreneurs, teachers, researchers, illustrators, musicians, thrill-seekers and above all else friends. We believe in the following:

  • A Hiker is a creative problem solver 🧠 
  • A Hiker is a challenge seeker ⛰
  • A Hiker is quick to act 🏎
  • A Hiker is a nerd 🤓
  • A Hiker is team-oriented ✊

What we stand for

  • Do what you love: pride and fun in our work always comes first.
  • Find a way: get creative results with a serious positive problem-solving attitude. 
  • Get things done: make ideas tangible in no-time and work in iterative steps to experiment and learn.
  • Be open and honest: close collaborations are built on trust, speaking up and sharing ideas.

About self-organisation through Holacracy

  • There are no managers at Hike One
    There's no command and control from top management. We trust everyone to manage themselves.

  • We don’t have function titles, only roles
    A role lives inside a circle. You can fill one or several roles. Some roles are elected. Other roles you can apply for or get asked to fill.

  • Roles are clearly defined
    We define roles and what their assigned accountabilities are. These are not necessarily fixed: we are always improving, developing and clarifying.

  • Everybody can improve the way we work
    Everybody has the explicit authority to change how we set things up by proposing changes. 

  • Tensions
    A tension is a gap between the current reality and a potential you sense. It can be something you’re dissatisfied with or an improvement to something within the company. Tensions are fuel and we all are sensors of the organisation. Everything is driven by tensions.

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A story from a colleague

"I was thinking about how 4 years ago I had my first conversation with Hike One. I was still a manager at Monk and didn’t know much about UX. I had such an awesome initial chat with Robbert that day, that on the way home I was SO excited about both UX and the company, I was screaming along with the radio! After a year of UX research somewhere else, I came back for another talk. I still knew I wanted to work at Hike One - because of the people, the way of working, the excitement, the fun and also that it is okay to be yourself. Still excited 2,5 years later!" - Kim van den Hout

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What you get in return

  • Offices you get inspired from
  • 8% holiday allowance and 25 days off 
  • Possibility to buy extra 8 days off (on full time basis)
  • 2% allowance for later (instead of pension)
  • Latest Macbook Pro
  • Additional state-of-the-art gear by your choice
  • Separate budget of €1200 and 10 days a year for education (external trainings or internal Academy)
  • Compensation for phone and travel (NS BusinessCard is possible)
  • Support in defining your own professional journey
  • Healthy lunch, table tennis, foosball, bi-weekly massages
  • Yearly weekend away with the team 
  • Colleagues who become friends

The application process 

  • Phone screen
    Time to briefly get to know each other
  • First interview (online) - 60 mins
    Time to properly get to know each other
  • Second interview (at the office) - 60 mins
    Deep dive into your work, role and being an Hiker
  • Offer 
    You blew us away! Let's return the favour
  • Party time! 
    Time to celebrate together

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