3 roundtable highlights: Cross functional collaboration in Customer Journey Management

Caya Kempe

A fruitful discussion about customer journey management with Rabobank, Marktplaats, Elsevier, and ESG.

How to keep the customer journey alive when product teams don't have the resources available to improve the journey?

  • Show which data is currently missing, and how retrieving this data can impact product and business goals.
  • Make the "pain" tangible for the stakeholders you need to convince.
  • Invite your data analysts to contribute to the customer journey. Making it a living document, the journey can be used to inform the product strategy making it a two way street.

What role can designers play in setting up the customer journey and how can they create a framework in order to use the customer journey cross teams?

  • The role description of design differs per organisation. Designers are problem solvers, creative thinkers. They can support in defining the principles and WoW for CJM within the organisation.
  • UX Research / Service Design are well equipped to conduct thorough research to build and maintain the customer journey.
  • However, keep in mind that research summaries are like a vacation summary, the value is found in the experience - allow teams to talk to their end user themselves too!

How to formalise journey ownership in a product-centric environment. How to make people take responsibility?

  • Shared responsibility can lead to no responsibility. Seek the first followers who have a high sense of agency.
  • Set up a guild to have regular check-ins on both new opportunities in the journey, as well as the framework.
  • Celebrate small successes and link them to the metrics that you improved.
  • Show data gaps, what is currently going wrong in the journey, you might notice that the underlying problem lies often in the internal operation.
Caya Kempe
Lead Strategy & Research

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