How UX research can help you make better products


Understanding people and the context in which they use your product is the first step in designing successful products. Design needs iterations, and your users will tell you what works and what doesn't.

Design products that make people happy 🙂

UX research enables us to create an optimal product for our customer, while at the same time minimising resources wasted on building the wrong feature or a suboptimal user experience. Often this means zooming out to understand or even love the problem before switching to solution mode.

Understanding people and the context in which they use your product is the first step in designing successful products. Design needs iterations, and your users will tell you what works and what doesn't.

Usability interview

How UX Research will help you

No matter what problem you are trying to solve, even with limited resources available, UX research will help you put assumptions to the test and build a better solution.

Higher conversion rates, increased sign-ups, a higher NPS or fewer customer service calls… In our experience achieving these results is never the result of luck or simply implementing the first solution that came to mind. Paying close attention to user and data insights, running experiments, and testing solutions guarantees a better outcome.


UX Research in every step of your product development cycle

At Hike One we conduct research at each step of the product development cycle, be it in the discovery, delivery or performance track.

We often combine different research methods to validate the insights and mitigate any blind spots. This is also known as triangulation, mixing both quantitative and qualitative methods such as site analytics, surveys, interviews, and observations. This ensures the most comprehensive results and getting to actionable insights that drive the success of your product.

Discovery (1-4 weeks)

Looking to launch a new product or feature that will excite your customers? At this stage, the goal is to validate and discard assumptions and bring data & insights back to the team.

  • User interviews
  • Observations
  • Analytics review
  • Customer profiles
  • Journey mapping

Delivery (1-4 months)

This phase is all about making sure you are solving the problem right by addressing the right user needs and making sure you are designing the right solution.

  • User interviews
  • Usability assessment
  • Usability studies
  • Card sorting & tree tests
  • Desirability studies

Performance (ongoing)

In this phase we monitor the performance of the user experience and continuously improve the product by paying attention to user sentiment.

  • User interviews
  • Feedback studies
  • Surveys
  • UX metrics
  • Analytic review
UX insights roundtable

The benefits of UX research

The results of researching your customers and your solutions are manifold:

  • Innovation: With the evidence collected you get valuable insights to innovate towards new solutions, and you have the proof needed to persuade your stakeholders.
  • Validation: With limited resources you validate new propositions, without having to build them first.
  • UX Metrics: Setting and agreeing on a clear set of metrics improves your existing products and digital applications.
  • Democratise UX: By making research accessible to your organisation and by sharing the insights widely, UX research can aid in becoming more agile as an organisation.

How to make UX Research work in your team

The benefits of doing research are clear, but how can you make this work in your team? One of the first things we look at is where your team is in terms of UX maturity. If you have never done any user testing, the obvious low hanging fruit is to get started with running a few first tests. If you do tests regularly, the next step is to create a research repository or optimise the sharing of results in the organisation.

Whatever UX research activity you undertake, most important is to make sure the outcomes are shared with your stakeholders and are delivered with actionable outputs.

Work with experts

Doing user research and testing concepts is part of our DNA and we do this on a daily basis at our customers. Hike One is a team of 50 designers, researchers, interviewers, experiment leads and UX research managers, ready to help.

Whether it is a project or a long term commitment - together with you we want to get to the bottom of things and design a solution that your customers want. Give us a call as we’d love to find out how we might help you!

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