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Meet Daisy: Interaction Designer

Daisy Hofstede joined the team 3 years ago as an interaction designer. Since then she has worked on 11 projects and ran 3 Design Sprints. She is also active in maintaining relations with universities, representing Hike One to students and introducing them to digital design in the real world and showing what it takes to be a digital designer. As such, Daisy is also an Internship overseer for interns and graduates at Hike One, guiding them on their journey to master the craft of UX design.

"Together with Hike One, I embarked on the journey to find out what I excel at as a designer."

Daisy Hofstede
Interaction Designer

How would you describe the atmosphere within Hike One?

I would describe the atmosphere at Hike One as very open and friendly. Even in the first few weeks after I joined, everyone was immediately friendly. It’s like having a very warm blanket around you. You are not afraid to be judged for who you are and you just feel at home. And in terms of sociability, the company does a lot. Team outings with the entire Hike One team, but also sometimes with each office. That makes you feel really connected to your colleagues.

What else makes Hike One so special for you?

What makes Hike One special is that I enjoy going to work because work does not feel like work. This is partly due to my colleagues. What I also find very special about Hike is Holacracy. Hike gives me the tools to discover what I want to discover. Sometimes I don't even know if it's something I want to discover and then I simply get involved. That is cool. Before I know it, I'm in that circle and I'm doing things for it and I am energised by it. After that, it's actually passing the baton on to someone else who gets energy from it.

If you were to tell your friends what it is like at Hike One, what would you say?

What I would say to them is that Hike One is a place where you learn to be independent and at the same time show independence by making a project your own. Also that there is a lot of variety in your work and you are the owner of your own work. You ultimately decide what course it will take, both in the process and the design. That's what I find so powerful about Hike One. The moment you take it on, it's yours. There is such trust behind it. I would also say: it is a team with very nice people. Many opportunities for growth.

What do you think Hike One has added to your development?

I started here with little experience, a fresh face. Hike One has given me the opportunity to discover what I like, what I am good at and what I want to develop further. So I think what Hike One has done for me is to move more specifically towards what I ultimately want to do in my field. By working together, I embarked on the journey to find out what I excel in as a designer.

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