Meet the Hiker: Ileana Díaz Couder Breceda


These are the stories of people who make Hike One - a vibrant, youthful culture with creative problem solvers. Challenge seekers, who are proud to be nerds in the design field. Unique individuals with a strong sense of community.

We are designers, yet we see ourselves as so much more. We come from all walks of life. We are engineers, explorers, entrepreneurs, teachers, researchers, illustrators, musicians, thrill-seekers and above all else: friends. Learn more about the culture and vacancies at Hike One.

Meet Ileana: Interaction Designer & UX Researcher

Ileana started her Hike One journey 1,5 years ago, joining the team for the first time remotely. Her proactive and energetic attitude got her to be quickly an integral part of the team. She is first and foremost an Interaction Designer helping clients with different design challenges, while in the meantime she is growing in her UX Researcher role. Whenever she gets the chance she also fills the Chief Fun Officer role, ensuring the team has fun activities to look forward to.  

How would you describe the vibe within Hike One?

It is a safe place. You can ask any questions, there are no dumb or stupid questions. The vibe is friendly, you can see that immediately when you enter. People are there to help or to guide you. I don’t know anyone that has a bad attitude.

"As long as you communicate it clearly, your team builder will support you to grow into your chosen path. This is very nice, because Hike One really cares about its people."

What makes Hike One special?

At Hike One you can create your own path. You can really take initiative and say you want to work towards something. As long as you communicate this clearly, your team builder will support you to grow into that chosen path. This is very nice, because Hike One really cares about its people. Of course Hike One is a place of business, but at the end the people are the ones who make this happen and if people grow so does Hike One, it’s a win-win. There is no micromanagement here because you manage yourself. You must actively think about what you want and how you want to grow, and you also need to communicate it very well. That can be a bit challenging sometimes.

What would you tell your friends or family about Hike One?

I would say it is a very open and friendly environment. When I tell my parents about Hike One, they are like: “Where are you working? This place does not really exist!” You can say whatever you think. It is also important to take initiative, and have ownership of things. To summarise: I would tell my friends and family about the responsibility, ownership, transparency, and friendship at Hike One.

What do you think Hike One added to your career or personal development so far?

Hike One works with Holacracy, a decentralised management model, that really makes you think: what do I need? This has added value for both my professional career as well as my personal development. Sometimes you can have challenges in either of those two areas in your life. On the one hand, I can just think of that problem and complain about it. But on the other hand, I can also think about how to solve the problem instead. I am the one that needs to take responsibility for it. I need to reflect on it, and I’m the one who must think about it. It is very easy to complain. But if you want to solve a problem and feel better, you should think about what you can do about it, how you can change it yourself. And for that you have to identify and verbalise what you need.

Can you remember any very nice compliment you got while working at Hike One?

I was talking about things that I could improve on a project. My team builder told me she understood that things could improve, because that is always the case. Then she said that there were a lot of things that I was doing right and that I should celebrate what I already did well. I was positively surprised - that was a very good compliment.

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