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Meet Irene: Key Account Manager

Irene de Vocht joined Hike One almost 3 years ago as a Project Manager, whereas she worked in communications and project management in her previous job. Since then she has also developed as a Scrum Master. And as of lately she took on a new role as a Key Account Manager, while also facilitating the Beyond Design roundtables - networking events for design managers and product managers. Irene also enjoys taking part in the Social Media circle and helps in managing the daily needs of the Rotterdam office.

"At Hike One, you don't have to follow that hierarchical path. That means that there are many possibilities included in your development."

Irene de Vocht
Key Account Manager

How would you describe the atmosphere within Hike One?

Friendly, I think that people treat each other almost at the same level as being friends. I feel that I can really be myself and I noticed that when we had our first weekend away. I had only been working there for three weeks, and I felt so at ease. There is also no competitive atmosphere, people help each other and you are respected for who you are. A very open culture. That also applies to when there is something that can be improved. It is said openly. We don't backstab or gossip about someone first.

What would you tell your friends or family about Hike One?

I would say that we're front runners on finding new ways of working, we're good at UX & UI and easily adapt when there's a change in environment. We also challenge each other in growing and personal development and we tend to challenge our clients here too. Next to that, I can very much be myself here, it’s a relaxed environment. There is mutual trust, in the way you do your work and arrange your hours according to what you think is right. I just feel that I am given a lot of freedom. I also have a lot of fun and regularly get to laugh with my colleagues. I would also say that there are many organised activities and that a lot can be done within Hike One.

What do you think Hike One has added to your career so far?

Quite a lot I think. For example, I was nowhere near being a Project Manager when I had my interview, but in the meantime I also developed as a Scrum Master. And since giving this interview, today I became a Key Account Manager, haha! They gave me the confidence to go for it and trusted me in how I fulfill my role. After a year or so, I'm usually curious about what else there is to learn. In this new role I get to experience new aspects of the job and the company, this keeps it fresh and challenging.

Because we have such a flat organisation and I can take on different roles, it stays interesting and engaging. What I like is that Hike One invests in people's development. Of course, I have a part in this as well, but in more traditional organisations you often have to work your way up from the bottom. At Hike One, you don't have to follow that hierarchical path. That means that there are many possibilities included in your development. That helps me and I find that very cool. I can decide for myself in what area I want to develop.

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