Usability Testing

If you want to know how your target group uses your products, there is really only one good way. And that is: observing. Where do they get stuck? What doesn't work as you intended? Hike One is happy to help you. We have been testing products and services for usability for almost twenty years. These are qualitative studies. So as a rule we need less than ten participants to identify the biggest pain points, or better: the biggest gain points.

When do you test for usability?

You can use usability testing for existing products as well as for products that you are developing.

There are a few differences.

  1. With existing products you often already know where the results lag behind - based on quantitative user data such as user statistics.
    A usability test, which is qualitative, will help you collect detailed user data. This also provides you with tools for improvement.
  2. For products in development, as the name suggests, you often do not yet have a completed product to test. But this is precisely where usability testing is important because wrong assumptions have major consequences.What is needed is a prototype. Hike One can also help with that. In principle, these can be lo-fi click models. We then usually test in an iterative process.So based on the results of the test, we adjust the click model in consultation and test again. And again. Until it works for your intended target group.Adjustments are still relatively cheap. And you prevent yourself from rolling out a sub-par product at an early stage.

Would you like a quote?

We have an arsenal of methods to perform usability testing for you. It is best to select together what best suits the situation. Send us your details. We will then schedule a telephone appointment to gain insight. This way we can estimate what you can think about.

From absent to incidental
From incidental to structural
From structural to integral
User research is incidental and ad hoc.
Fragmented and outdated user journey maps.

Insights are not findable or accessible for every team.

No set of fixed methods.
Initiating fixed working methods.


The user journey becomes the starting point for the workflow.

Central storage of insights. Rights and access are managed.

Continuous user research, testing and implementation of improvements.
The same, interchangeable methods for collecting user data throughout the organization.

It is clear who can (and must) make the decisions.

Every product team - in all relevant chapters and departments - has the same way of working.
Hike One helpt
We start with a short audit.

We help you realize your first successes.

We give you the tools to work based on user data. We collect input from your target group.

Depending on where you are, Hike One can take responsibility while we take care of the implementation together.
We help with creating structure, defining roles and selecting the right tools.

We help to coach your (new) experts in-house.

We ensure that you can deliver consistently high quality with less effort.

Together we continuously map and manage the user journey, with responsibility increasingly shifting to your own team members.
We help you get the entire organization working based on user journeys.

We spread the gospel across all silos and we help coach the coaches.

If necessary, we help develop the business case and present it at C-level.

About Hike One

Hike One supports organizations in designing and improving their digital products. We mainly work for corporates, SMEs, and government agencies. In 2023, Hike One was named the best UX design agency in the Netherlands by Emerce 100 based on customer feedback. Hike One's clients include ASML, Heineken, Liberty Global, Municipality of Amsterdam, Marktplaats, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Philips, Rabobank, Rituals, and Signify.

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Hike One assists product teams and design departments in working according to the latest best practices. We provide coaching and support, as well as temporary hiring of design experts. Feel free to contact us if you don't immediately find what you're looking for.

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