A talk about our Holacracy Journey at the "Agile Organiseren" Meetup

Matthijs Collard - 14 December 2018

November 29th I gave a talk about our Holacracy Journey. This was the first time I was publicly speaking on the topic. I was asked to answer 3 questions:

  • Why did you choose for Holacracy
  • What have you learned when implementing it
  • What would you have done differently in retrospect

Some really good questions and I had plenty of things to say about it. I am happy to do this talk again. Contact us if you are interested. 

By the way, did you know we have a wide range of topics we talk about?

Super short summary, or better: A teaser

About Hike One culture

First I talk about what kind of company we are, even before working with self-management. I explain where we come from and my perspective on that as the co-founder.

Why a different way of organising?

We figured out that we are a modern company with an old-fashioned organisation model. I explain what inspired us to look for something that worked for us.

Why we started practicing Holacracy

One of the reasons was that we thought Holacracy was developed based on the same principles as many other methods we already used.

What did we learn?

A lot. And that's where the talk gets interesting. One of the things we learned that implementing Holacracy takes an incredible amount of time to learn, but also to redefine the way your company works.

Matthijs Collard

Founder, GTD® Trainer

On a mission to further modernise the company.

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