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Digital products for effortless customer experience 

We design digital products for effortless customer experience. Even during these challenging times our team of designers is ready to quickly help you. We can realise your new idea or improve your existing digital products. We have extensive experience with variety of methods and online tools to work remotely with you, such as running a 4-day Design Sprint together. These are some of the services and applications we've worked on for various clients in the last years: Media portalsCorporate websitesProduct user interface, E-commerce portals, Marketplace, Dashboards, Companion apps, Client portals

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Media portals

As a media host, you want to offer your customers an easy-to-use portal based on their personal preferences and a consistent high quality experience across various channels. How to build a simplified UI that puts the user in control navigating tons of media items with nothing more than a remote control?  At Hike One we have worked on several media portals, like Liberty Global and Cineville.

Corporate websites

New customers and partners always look at your corporate website before reaching out. Does it display your strengths, clarify what distinguishes you from other players and above all: Engage with your prospects? We help you with your visual identity and website design. Just as we did for Dümmen Orange.

Product user interface

We help your customer navigate through complex tasks by simplifying the user interface that is connected to your tangible product. A successful product user interface is user-friendly for first time users, and offers rich possibilities for experienced users. Whether it is an ATM machine like Geldmaat, a quantum computer for Quantum Inspire or a self-check-in area like SITA

E-commerce portal

There are many off-the-shelf e-commerce platforms available, but what if your e-commerce experience is a bit more complex?  A deep insight in your customers combined with our expertise in UX, will help you create an effortless customer journey with an increased conversion as a result. As we've done in the project with Dümmen Orange


Connecting vendors to consumers and designing an interface that meets both of their requirements is complex. By continuously listening to the users of your platform and testing early-stage prototypes, you can become the go-to-platform in your market. We have experience in serving and showing insights to professional users of your platform. Read more about our work for Marktplaats and Funda.


You have tons of data and insights to show but what is most important for your users to see? Creating an understandable and personalised dashboard for all different users and their needs is a craft we have mastered by working on dashboards for various applications and industries.  

Companion apps

Emerging technologies offer many opportunities to personalise your products. We design companion apps to operate your connected products. Apps that get all the value of your smart products, without overwhelming new users. We research what your users prefer, design it and make them happy. For instance, we've done it for Philips Hue (Signify).

Client portals

To truly be able to serve your customers, you need to get to know them and their challenges. It starts with prioritisation of the user tasks and desired features, while balancing the costs at a minimum. Let us help you create a client portal that lives up to the expectations of your valued clients, and makes you their preferred partner. 

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