Design Sprint meetup

Marna van Hal - 28 January 2020

One methodology, different experiences

The Design Sprint was created by Google Ventures and is a famous process using design thinking with the aim of enabling teams to solve problems, generate new ideas and validate assumptions in 4 or 5 days. If you are uncertain if your solution will solve a problem for your clients, then do a design sprint to test your assumptions. Companies of all sizes have been using this process and modifying it to get significant results in shorter times than ever and enabling them to go-to-market faster with products and features.

As there’s a variety of exciting topics related to design sprints,, Flow, and Hike One teamed up to host a design sprint meetup on Thursday, the 23rd of January, at’s HQ in Amsterdam. During our meetup, speakers shared their experiences in design sprints from corporate, agency and start-up perspectives. They were more or less on the same page concerning the need to focus on a clear challenge, one clear persona, and the right team composition. But using the same methodology, there were three clear differences to zoom into:

The venue: game-changer or overrated? 

Firstly, FinTech startup Flow wanted to test a future version of their product. But the Flow team is spread out in different countries and financial resources are limited, so they did a design sprint remotely. Flow founder Daan van Klinken proved that although it is crucial to have a designated room for the entirety of the design sprint, it is entirely possible to create a digital room with a combination of collaborative software and reliable telecommunications, like Miro, Asana, Sketch, Slack, Lookback, Whereby, Figma and Concepts. The result: ‘the best-documented design sprint’. Go through Daan's presentation slides

However, Robbie Farrell, the product designer at found that hosting a design sprint at a venue outside of their daily office is a ‘game-changer to get the right mindset and the best energy from all participants’.

Panel discussion led by moderator Tomasz Pieta, lead designer payments

Need for buy-in or just go?

Secondly, in contrast to startups, where founders are directly involved in the sprint, for large companies like, it's crucial to get buy-in from leadership. Robbie's trial by fire served as a perfect example of why it's so important to get leadership's support before and during a design sprint. This ensures that time and resources are not wasted, and to make sure that the sprint outcomes are followed up and executed.

Oscar Jonker, strategist at Hike One reflects Robbie’s sentiment, ‘Make sure your stakeholders are part of the design sprint and the final solutions; Interview them as experts in advance, invite them for the user tests and for the team’s presentations about the results.’ Go through Oscar's presentation slides

Learning is innovating

Thirdly, where startups naturally use Design Sprints to make decisions on how to improve their product. Robbie emphasized that to bring a design sprint culture to a large company like, you need to build a group of design sprint advocates. Sharing your learnings and success of the sprints with others in the company, it's a massive step in that direction. Go through Robbie's presentation slides here. 


By investing in the technology that helps take the friction out of travel, seamlessly connects millions of travellers with memorable experiences, a range of transport options and incredible places to stay - from homes to hotels and much more. As one of the world’s largest travel marketplaces for both established brands and entrepreneurs of all sizes, enables properties all over the world to reach a global audience and grow their businesses.

About Hike One

We design digital applications that people love to use. Our team of 70 covers every aspect of user experience and user interface design. We have been fans of Design Sprints ever since Jake Knapp published his now famous book. We love to share our experiences with the design community and learn from them—that is why we support this Meetup.

About Flow

Flow is a FinTech startup focussed on money automation. Flow lets you automate transactions between your accounts. Based on triggers you can transfer your money automatically to the accounts you choose. Use Flow to automate your budgeting system, to help you save more money or just to divide your salary or invoice the way you like it.

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Sketches are by Lodovico Marchesini. 

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