Press Release: Hike One celebrates new partners

Matthijs Collard - 21 February 2019

Press release February 21st 2019. Press release in Dutch

David van Duinen, Hylke van Maaren, Martijn Pillich and Roderick Trompert of design agency Hike One have taken over a part of the company from founders Matthijs Collard and Rick le Roy. The four have already been responsible for the ins and outs of the organisation for several years and will continue to enthusiastically, in the coming years, build and grow the company.

From left to right: Martijn, Hylke, Roderick and David

Preservation of culture paramount

For the founders of Hike One this step is a logical continuation for the fast growing company. Matthijs Collard: “Rick and I were searching for ways to free up our hands for new endeavours, while at the same time preserve the culture that has been built up at Hike One. When David, Hylke, Martijn and Roderick proposed to take over a part of our shares, we were immediately enthusiastic. These four have known the agency through thick and thin and have each played a role in its current success. We are convinced that all together we can bring Hike One even further."

Digital product design

The acquisition has no influence on the current roles of the new partners: David van Duinen and Martijn Pillich will continue to focus on operations and business development, while Hylke van Maaren and Roderick Trompert will be responsible for Hike One's design quality. Martijn Pillich: “Our team, together, will continue doing what we are good in: designing smart digital products.”

About Hike One

Hike One designs product user interfaces, mobile apps and websites for clients such as Funda, Marktplaats and Signify. The agency turns 11 years old this year, employs 70 creatives and has offices in Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Rotterdam.

Matthijs Collard

Long time Interaction Designer, Co-founder and a host of smaller roles.

On a mission to further modernise the company.

More about Hike One


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