Introducing our UX Playbook on Medium

Caya Kempe - 29 May 2018

You’ll be hosting a design sprint soon, but it’s been a while…

You’re new to a project and need to set up a design system. How to do it, and who do you need?

The UX Playbook answers these and many other questions. This is our Hikers playbook that shows how we work at Hike One. Here we will post all methods and tools that help us create a great user experience. Topics will vary from project wide to really specific ones.

Hike One is creative and innovative, but we also believe you need a disciplined approach to achieve the best results. With this UX Playbook we also want to share our way of working with you. And of course, we’d like to hear your take on things and the methods you love to use!

Your contribution to the UX Playbook is important. Leave a comment or send an email to and let us know what topics we should discuss here.

Caya Kempe

Interaction Designer, Design Sprint Facilitator

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