Pick Up Ten: The Plastic Soup Surfer new campaign against plastic waste.

Kalina Simeonova - 23 May 2018

We're proud sponsors of the Plastic Soup Surfer since early 2017, when Merijn Tinga first approached us to create and design his website, together with the front-end developers from De Voorhoede

This year, the Plastic Soup Surfer is on a new powerful mission to battle plastic waste by monitoring and recording data on the found plastic derbis around us. The new campaign of summer 2018, Pick Up Ten, aims to activate people to pick up and record litter through an app. The technology that makes this possible is the Google's innovative photo recognition API.

In order to kick-start the design and development of the app, we rolled our sleeves and pulled a one day Hackathon at our Amsterdam office. Our designers worked on the app concept, made some beautiful screens, and created challenges to make it fun and rewarding.

The Pick Up Ten campaing launches this firday, the 25th of May!

You can participate in the challenge here: https://www.pickup10.org

The inspiring campaign video that was shot during the first Hackathon day is not to be skipped! 

Kalina Simeonova


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