UI Animation Meetup @ Rotterdam

Kalina Simeonova, Matthijs Collard - 20 September 2018

We would like to welcome you to the very first edition of the UI Animation Meetup Community.

Meetup in our Rotterdam office

This community gathers everyone interested in animations in UI. We talk about animation and things related to it: concepting, prototyping, coding, presenting and documentation. We share our experience, we present our actual projects, we analyze trends and inspire with great speakers. This community is there for designers and developers as well as product owners who like to improve their product experience.

Animation is becoming increasingly more important in digital product design and has proven to be of great value to the overall user experience. Good animation can engage, guide, trigger and delight users.

We figured it is about time this topic gets its own Meetup, so here we are! The first edition we will cover diverse topics within the spectrum of UI Animation, and there will be plenty of time to socialize and exchange ideas. 

"Want to meet up other passionate people like you?"

Check out the programme for our first event on September, 20th and register here on Meetup! 

Kalina Simeonova


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Matthijs Collard

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