UX Healthcare Conference in Amsterdam

Kalina Simeonova - 26 July 2022

This year, we are proud to be hosting the UX Healthcare Conference in our Amsterdam office at the Houthavens. The Conference spans over 3 days (10-12th Aug 2022), where visitors can partake in workshops, presentations and networking activities. 

This event aims to bring together designers, practitioners, clinicians, technologists and thought-leaders who are passionate about improving our healthcare experience.

  • Hike One has invited Dylan Singleton, from TheMedGuide Company to present about their service and what they learned from their startup: "The new simple way to get personalised information about your meds".
  • We will also host a roundtable session to discuss the topic: "What are the obstacles that stand in the way of the success of digital initiatives in healthcare? How can design help to eliminate such an obstacle?"

UX Healthcare Conference

UX Healthcare is a leading global consultancy and a platform that brings together the healthcare and digital professionals community across the world. The UX Healthcare Events are focused on covering the latest trends in user experience design in the healthcare industry. Their annual conference is held in three different cities across Europe: London, Berlin and Amsterdam; as well as in the U.S. 


Designing for healthcare

At Hike One we believe that through collaboration with clinicians, patients and product managers we can design and strategically plan a better future for healthcare. 

In our experience with healthcare clients we've learned that designing for the medical industry is challenging but gratifying work. That's why we help healthcare providers every step of the way: understand, explore and materialise via research, product development strategy, prototyping and testing of the digital products. As design specialists we love tackling complex challenges and finding simple solutions that make technology work seamlessly for people. 


We believe collaboration is the best way to create great digital products and that's why we make sure to involve and work closely with all stakeholders (clinicians, patients, and clients). To truly be able to serve your customers, we need to get to know them and their challenges. It starts with prioritisation of the user tasks and desired features, while balancing the costs at a minimum. 

We have helped clients who work towards medical solutions that improve the patient experience such as Awell Health, CZ, Elke, TheMedGuideCompany and others. Read more about how we can help others in the medical field with our UX design and strategy services. 

The needs of the healthcare sector

As the world continues to respond to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, professional healthcare apps and tools are leading the charge towards sustainable, cost-effective solutions that empower the user and clinicians, and optimise services. Patients are driving the healthcare experience, taking control of the way they manage assistance, monitor medication, and much more. While clinicians are also in need of new workflows and new healthcare pathways for their patients' journey. 

Healthcare needs:

  • More seamless software solutions that connect medical teams and create easy to use workflows.
  • Personalised and customised experiences for patients.
  • Trusted and protected environments for patients and medical staff that facilitate the treatment process.
  • Simple, straightforward UIs that are efficient, clear but also pleasurable to use
  • Overall technology that services citizens the right way, through the right channels, in the right time for better medical care. 

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